Top 5 Most Amazing And Inspiring Animal Rescues

Top 5 Most Amazing And Inspiring Animal Rescues
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Welcome to Nation of Wow TV. Today we’ll look at the Top 5 most amazing and inspiring animal rescues.

Stay until Number 1. We’re sure your heart will melt!

Before we start our list, we need to ask, what would you do if you see a thin dog on the street? Would you just walk past the animal? Or would you contact an animal shelter? Or would you rescue the dog yourself? Here are five stories of heart warming and inspiring animals and the people who rescued them that touched our hearts.

Bring out the tissues, let’s start.

Number 5. Chi Chi, the quadruple amputee golden retriever.
Certain countries like China, Thailand,and South Korea have billion-dollar dog meat trades.Dogs are bound with wire and beaten to make their flesh more tender. But one such dog in South Korea suffered so much infection that she was considered not fit for consumption. So she was dumped in a garbage bin and left to die.Luckily, rescuers found her. But the only way to save the dog’s life was to amputate all four of her legs. The dog managed to survive and her rescuers named her Chi Chi, which is Korean for “loving”.a

Number 4. Flash Gordon, the hooked sea lion
We see and hear stories of marine animals being rescued from ropes wrapped around their necks or nets trapping their whole bodies. One of the most famous rescues involved a sea lion and a foot-long fishing hook.

In 2011, the Marine Mammal Rescue received an urgent call regarding a male California sea lion. When the rescuers arrived at Vancouver Island, they discovered that the sea lion had a fishing line hanging from his cheek and he had two hooks, one near the gastrointestinal tract and another near his heart!

Number 3. Nala, the Instagram Guinness World
Her story began with a home in Los Angeles that had too many cats and kittens. An entire litter was taken to an animal shelter. Only one kitten was left of the entire litter when a lady named Pookie visited the shelter. Pookie was just looking around. She had no plans to adopt right away. But she picked up a tiny kitten that licked her face and she fell in love. Pookie named the kitten Nala. Nala in shelter or cats in

Number 2. Kahn and Sheila, the Abused Lions Circuses are supposed to be happy places. But some circuses don’t care about anything but getting money. This is why people from In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue and Education Center in Texas fought to rescue Kahn and Sheila from an abusive owner.The former owner stopped taking care of lions that he could no longer use.The duo were in pitiful states when the rescuers found them. Kahn had weak bones. He couldn’t move the rear part of his body. He was limping. His tail was almost chewed off. Sheila was worse. She was practically dead and experts believed that only euthanasia was the option for her. Luckily the rescuers discovered that she had toxoplasmosis which affected her immune system and appetite. They managed to give her the proper Kahn and Sheila lions in circuses

Number 1. Oscar, the featherless Cockatoo
First off, Oscar was a girl cockatoo who was found during a drug raid. She
looked so sick that she was brought to the Humane Society of Broward County. The vets of the Humane Society discovered that Oscar had a very contagious beak and feather disease. When she was first rescued, Oscar was given just six months to live. But she went on to live for 22 more years!



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