Reports of Myanmar massacre spark international outrage

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At least 35 people, including women and children, were killed in an apparent attack by Myanmar military forces on Christmas Eve. CBSN’s Jessi Mitchell has more.

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  1. This must be perpetrated by opposition allied to
    The US wanting to bring down the current government , a destabilization effort to overthrow the government same in Laos, Venenzuela
    Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries who are not in line with US policies.

  2. Imagine being burnt alive for fleeing wars on Christmas Eve to seek sanctuary. Because of this, my parents fled to Thailand. Because we are an ethnic minority that does not deserve to live, the government has been doing this for decades. He's been committing ethnic cleansing, and my people are on the verge of extinction.

  3. Its a tragedy government can spend trillion of money to send satellite and rockets to stratosphere..but they cannot spend a dime for the hungry the poor the refugees and migrants.everyday thousands dies of hunger..Pray and action to end corruption in government.

  4. Today in Thailand, around 5000 Myanmar refugees cross border to stay in the shelter Thai gov provided. For many decades Thailand has been dealing with such incident. Whenever war happen with Vietnam Lao Cambodia Burma. There was 700,000 refugees come within three months.

  5. And how, exactly are we supposed to do anything about this? The only way is to personally go there get guns and get physically involved. Other than that, I'm stuck here thousands of miles away with some politicians holding my arm behind my back by literally making it a felony and international incident if I were to do that. Yeah, let's form a committee to determine whether or not to get involved, and on which side, who is involved, who runs the committee, who wants coffee, and a hundred other totally worthless things day after day while human beings are being butchered and incinerated by other human beings. But most importantly, how do we get paid for doing nothing but talk about the problem?

  6. As one Burmese, I am sad i didn't know about the army earlier cuz what we were teached and informed are just lies.
    It's like real world 1984.Everything was censored. So we didin't know about earlier abuses in ethnic regions.

  7. This is everyday life for them… If you are in A-war torn area you can evacuate. You don't have to stay. That is a conscious decision that they make. I don't understand why this is sparking any outrage at all? The United States borders have been open to anybody who wants to cross them with you with getting United States citizenship even without you having any documentation and we set them up with welefare and insurance… There is absolutely no reason why you would stay in A-war tornado like that. And don't tell me that they can't flee because they don't have the means because they can definitely leave and walk if they had to.

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