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  1. That was Amazing! The dance section Cheered me up no end. The Maltese guy looked after you what a good man, that will be a day to remember. Take care. x

  2. Really loved this video Liam. The dance scene was epic & that guy can certainly groove! Looks like you both had a great laugh, which is what it's all about. We passed you in 'the' Asda Birkenhead a few weeks ago on the escalator remember, you were going up and us down, but you seemed in a rush. Must've been not long before your holiday. Keep them vids coming & great to see you back doing what you do best, making cracking videos. Merry Christmas mate, Phill

  3. That was brilliant mate apart from the. Beers that is exactly what I do when I go away which is usually a few days a month I had my January flights to and from Malta cancelled today so gonna have to find somewhere else to go 😐

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