Guy Spends A Year Winning Over Feral Dog In The Desert | The Dodo Heroes

Guy Spends A Year Winning Over Feral Dog In The Desert | The Dodo Heroes
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Guy drives out to the desert every day for a year to win over a feral dog — now he needs people to foster the rest of her pack before Christmas 🎄❤️

Give pets and their families the gift of a brighter future with PetSmart Charities:

The last five dogs are still in the Southern California desert and need fosters to take them in. To help, visit: Special thanks to Esteban for sharing this story with us, you can see more on TikTok:

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  1. God bless you guys. Praying the last 5 find their furever homes soon. The love you get from a dog is the purest love you can find on this earth. It makes us better people.

  2. Im crying just seeing. When he says i feel like crying just got me. Wow this Angel is not Human he is just just wow. God bless and i hope it works out in the end for this Angel person.

  3. I am happy that someone is taking care of these sweet animals, but at the same time, I think by just giving food they were doing pretty good in the dessert by themselves, they were free to wonder around almost like wild dogs play with each other

  4. That was so beautiful! I was crying when Persephone let you pet her 😭💙💜💙 Bless you for giving them a new life! Hope you both can find the others 🙏

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