Good morning – Takis Shelter

Good morning - Takis Shelter
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No chain. No cage. No kill. – Takis Shelter

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About the Author: Takis Shelter


  1. Colombia, América
    ¡Qué lindos! ¡Qué paz! ¡Hermosos! …y los que ladran por ahí, ojalá que se den dando una caminata … que nunca sufran… algún día serán todos iguales de priveligiados 🙏🌈

  2. Такис и подушку разделяет с собачкой! Она счаслива! Добрейшей души человек! Удивительно все собаки дружно спят рядом! Понимают – спит любимый хозяин!💖🌞🌈🐕🏡🙏

  3. … another day for Takis to do his marvelous work of saving the doggo's from the evil hands of man kind. Best wishes & many blessings sent your way Takis & also to the folks that help you make this happen.

  4. Hahaha, you need to move a few to the top of the bed to give you more room, Taki! You NEED your rest!! It's very important so that you are healthy to take care of your shelter.. dadgum critters.. hahaha

    Blessings 🌿

  5. Takis's bed is a welcome sight for all his furbabies…. A bed fit for a King and his dogs!!!!! They are so snug in there and warm it is hard to count…. Beautiful morning sunrise… A beautiful day for rescues and adoptions!

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