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  1. They say that ghosts and spirits show themselves in places where people believe. There are so many sightings in Mexico where I used to live. Many people in rural areas believe in spirits and supernatural powers. Southern Mexico is full of mysticism.

  2. 2 days ago I went to sleep at 12 am or 1 am. I can't remember the exact time. So the thing is I woke up time later for no reason. When I opened my eyes I saw a dark figure next to my bed looking at me. It was like very very close to the bed, like if it was touching the bed with its body. My body sat on the bed on its own and at the same time I extended my hand to bitch slap whatever it was. Legit thought it was a burglar or something. My body move before my brain process that the figure was small so it may have been a child figure. Is not the first time I have seen this type of figures, so I turned around my back to it and went to sleep. My heart started bumping like I was running 2 miles. Uff. The first time I saw this figures was when I was sleeping on the living room in the couch. The tall dark figure stood in front of the door outside looking at me. I closed my eyes and never opened them to check twice. 😛 I researched and the shadow people are normally harmless.

  3. I thought I saw a few things as a kid, but I also know how crazy active my imagination was. More than a few times I got dreams mixed up with memories, but they were so vivid my brain registered them as literal memories. Didn't help that I lived in a spooky old house that made constant noise and shook every time a train went by, so it seemed like lot of odd things were happening when there was nothing odd about them in retrospect.

  4. My baby girl, when she was a couple of years old, she kept looking at a corner of a room, smiling at something and kept following it as it got out of the room. I got goosebumps looking, trying to figure out what she was looking at.

  5. You know how you always hear dogs barking at night? One time when I was young, it was night time and I heard the neighbors' dogs barking, so I looked out my window and across the street, I saw a shadow going from one house to another one.

  6. I'm the same way Gus! Whenever I see videos of the paranormal that's really intense my eyes start to water as well, the intensity of them will bring tears to my eyes. As someone whose seen paranormal activity and experienced it, it's horrifying. The sense of dread and hopelessness is overwhelming, in those encounters I've never been more afraid for my life 😭

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