6 Scary Near Death Horror Stories

6 Scary Near Death Horror Stories
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Nothing is more terrifying than a near-death experience. Podcast Episode 503.

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Story 1 – 1:20
Story 2 – 4:45
Story 3 – 7:35 (W/Dave Scott)
Story 4 – 15:55
Story 5 – 18:10
Story 6 – 23:47

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  1. I am going to preface this by apologizing to Dave Scott and say, "it's not you, it's me." 🙂

    So, I'll be 100% honest, at 7:35 I came very close to skipping through the story. I listen to a lot of podcasts and story-tellers on YouTube, and if a narrator's voice doesn't hit my ear just right, I scroll and click on something else. I know I am missing out on some good stories, but it is what it is /shrug. In any event, I decided to listened to Dave's story, and I was stopped dead in my tracks. I thought I was the only one, but Dave recounted the EXACT dream I've had three times in my life; once as a kid and twice in my 30s. It's absolutely terrifying and mesmerizing at the same time. I know it wasn't sleep paralysis because I've experienced that several times.

  2. Hey swamp dweller what's the deal I was just watching that live stream and then I get kicked off for absolutely no reason cuz it was made private apparently just all of a sudden what's up with that man was it my question about what you're smoking on whatever it was it's pretty messed up man

  3. Such a lovely thing to go to sleep to, nice food coma. I had to come back and say I loved it. I suppose I've cut had a couple near-death experiences, first I remember is being little somewhere in grade school. I was over at somebody's house and then everybody left me alone outside all of a sudden and I fell in the pool and was all the way at the bottom of the deep end, and I didn't know how to swim. Luckily I kind of bald myself up at the bottom and kicked up and was barely able to grab the edge and everybody noticed as I was pulling myself out of the pool.

  4. 🤙🤙🤙🐔🐔🐔💩🍆🐔🍗🍗😈🎉🤗🦃🦃🍑🤣😅😇🤓💩🍆😈❤❤❤🐌🍰🍰😪🦥🦥🐔🤣🤗🤗🥺🦃😇🍗👍one of those dats

  5. I had a dream extremely similar to Dave’s except I was in a coffin and when I heard him telling his experience I sat straight up in bed and my heart started racing because I knew it wasn’t just a dream

  6. Thanks so much for the referral to Mr Dave Scott's channel "spaced out radio"he clearly has alot of love for his listeners I'm going to listen to more of his content😉

  7. Dude you weren't dead in the water it was just a bad dream and we weren't made to die if you finish reading the Bible.i don't call that a near death experience either just a crazy dream.

  8. The story about the snowy cliff isn't a real near death experience you actually have to get hurt and most have their heart stop for a time and they see some stuff while that happens but ok story.

  9. I literally have at least 4 near death experiences including one I was dead for over a minute I could probably supply you with many stories ppl told me I could make a couple movies from the shit I been through but sharing my experiences help

  10. God did not create us just to die. People want to always blame bad things on God, which makes him sound horrible to a person looking in. God is not this puppet master who plays games with our health and lives. He knows all our futures, yet he does not sit there all day every day and decide Jeff will die of a heart attack and Jan is going to die in a car accident and this one will get cancer and that one will die in their sleep. Life on this earth is very fragile and dangerous…..much of which from our own doing, but God for the most part allows life to take its natural corse. Accidents happen and we place ourselves in unneeded dangers like barreling down a highway at 80 MPH in two tun killing machines or flying at thousands of feet high at hundreds of mph in an aluminum tube with wings. Life on this earth is very very short compared to eternity…….like comparing a grain of sand to a full beach of sand. The purpose of life is simple. We are not here just to be born, live a few years, carry on our seed and then get old and die. God could have easily just made perfect, obedient beings that love and obey him because he made us love him, but that would be generic and fake feeling. God was lonely so he made us in his own image, and he made us flawed and imperfect and most, importantly, he gave us free will and the ability to make our own decisions. With that free will and human nature to be wary of believing in things we cant see or hear or feel or touch he wants us too believe in him and love him and come to him of our own free will……that’s the purpose of life….to come to know him and believe in him and live him and be saved and live with him for eternity.

  11. So I have had something similar happen to my brother that happened in the first story. We were driving on a forested road at night and as we were coming to this turn I had a bad feeling a turned around. He had a vision on what would've happened is we kept going. It was really weird

  12. These stories are great and probably true…..but here is the key!……whatever energy you spend with….is the energy that comes too your existence….sad to say…

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