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l am surojit . Welcome to our youtube channel Challenge Vlog.

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This channel only reaches you and the stories that happen in real life. Our aim is not to hurt any caste, religion or community. Weak hearted videos are not seen and children are away and you can also watch my videos as entertainment. Make sure to subscribe to the channel that likes the tru

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Vut video | 25 Years Old Haunted House Story | Scary Ghost |Real Bhoot video | Ghost attacks—

vut video | Haunted Story | Haunted Place | Scray ghost | Real Bhoot Video

Vut video |The story of a mysterious suicide |Real Bhoot video |Scary ghost

Vut video |Scary ghost |The history of a terrible island |Real Bhoot video—

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The videos which I shoot are almost done at haunted locations,the negative energy which I feel there I try to show it to you all and by doing this I don’t provoke any kind of superstitions.All the viewers watching
this video please don’t try this by your own self.If your taking risk on your own it can be dangerous and life threatening.

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