Disney World Animal Kingdom; A Tour Of The Good Animals

Disney World Animal Kingdom; A Tour Of The Good Animals
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Join us as we partake in a wondrous adventure that could only be brought to life by the magic of Disney. Presented for the world of Youtube, here is a glimpse of the spectacle that is Animal Kingdom. Join Ryan Murphy as he traverses the paths forged by Max Pacheco as he brings the wonders of the nature world right to the comforts of your computer monitor. Also, zoos are absurd places, no matter how you try to spin your perspective on them.

Featuring Patrick Ryan
Shot and Edited by Ryan Murphy
Featuring the original songs Infados and Monkoto by Kevin Macleod

A 2010 Rojhelio Studios Production


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  1. This video became funnier and funnier with every observation.
    "I don't know why I paid to see this turtle; I could have just seen him at home for free." 😀

  2. WHAT. The. FUCK. Why are you so awesome? I was expecting about 12% of the awesome that I received. I am actually shocked and will probably die now. Thanks a lot jerk.

  3. when were you in animal kingdom?! i work there! i totally would have loved to meet you i would have even gotten you in for free! i might've even been able to arrange you getting to ride on a float in the jammin jungle parade….p.s. this video is awesome lol

  4. "This iguana was not fun."
    Something you wouldn't hear on Animal Planet, lol. XD

    PS. That long-necked thing is a Gerenuk, in case you weren't just being funny, which you were.

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