English Bulldog Can Up and Running By Himself After Got Rescued

English Bulldog Can Up and Running By Himself After Got Rescued
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English Bulldog Can Up and Running By Himself After Got Rescued
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  1. Thank you for everything you do for these special needs animals. You are a special group of caring people and deserve much respect, as do the animals you rescue. Blessings to all of you and the sweet, loving animals you care for.

  2. My dad taught me that (human) children have three hands, the two at the ends of their wrists, and the one under their nose! He looks like the feet and legs might not work as well so he likes to mouth EVERYTHING! LOL

  3. Ive wanted an english bulldog for years .but i never had enough money so i got different puppies i have 4 1yorkie 1mini maltise a16 yr old westie who was my therapy dad
    And then i got another westie she 12 wks old i take care of them and they get alot of love.And i hope that this little baby gets a grest home because if it wasn't for them i would be hereGod Bless you and that beautiful puppy long may he live from donna vegas

  4. O. Bulldog. Ele. Ou. Ela. Já é. Benção de Deus.
    Quem. Cuida. Recebe. De. Deus. Suas. Graças ele ou ela. É brincalhão. E. Divertido. Toda a criatura. Feita por. Deus. É. Gratificante. Márcia bultrins Olinda pe Brasil

  5. Oo,…so sweet….Hugs n kisses…Letve you dear puppy…I love you…
    Thnkyou for rescuing n give the puppy beaitiful love n caring.
    GOD Bless you dear rescuer n "mom" there…🙏🙏💖😍👍👍

  6. Awwww….it is Wonderful to See this Precious Baby Boy Up and Running!!!! Thank You. ROADDOGS AND RESCUE, for Helping this Adorable Baby Boy, Rogan Spitfire!!!!🐶🐾♥️

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