Real Ghost Caught On Camera? Top 5 Scary Paranormal Videos

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  1. I'm right there with you on that my friend lol
    If i see something unsettling like that I'm not running towards it either …… I'm running the opposite direction and all you gonna see is elbows and asshole lol

  2. I think spirit children are just drawn to playgrounds. It's something familiar and safe feeling to them. My daughter's marching band practices in the field between her school and the church next to the school. There's a small playground between the field and the cemetery behind the church and it's a very politely ignored thing that about half the band can hear the screaming and laughing of kids playing on the playground and the other half can't. The spirit kids always stay on the church's property and the band kids stay in the field. My daughter said that it gets easier to deal with because the spirit kids are just playing like any other kids would do.

  3. Hey L here's why playgrounds and wheelchairs are famous for being haunted… The good die young hence the playground hauntings and the bad people die old because they're meant to eat themselves alive over bad choices they made… In short the kiddie spirits is all playing in the playground while the pedophiles are all bound to wheelchairs in places far far away from the playgrounds

  4. U gotta go on at LEAST ONE paranormal investigation man. Until u witness things first hand and see what it feels like u won't ever understand. I love to investigate. The chills. The sounds. The environment. And to actually capture evidence is so amazing

  5. I'm the kind of guy who if he hears a noise in the house I'm grabbing a weapon and saying, "Oh, you better not be here when I get there!" LOL I worked hard for my stuff, and I'm not letting anybody mess with it. If I saw a ghost, I'd be like "Okay, devil-man, you either paying rent or you getting out. There's no in between." Never have any fear in your own house. That's your place, not theirs.

  6. What was at the foot of the bed when he picked it up when the girl came out from underneath was that a baby cuz it look like it disappeared and then it cut it out. Did anyone see that was that a baby or what?

  7. Bathroom selfie (yeah, that's sexy… NOT!!)… It's her little sister standing behind her. It's not a ghost. It's a scam if that is what she wants you to think. If not little sister, then cousin, friend, someone real. You can see them duck down behind her as she turns toward us. That's why it looks to like she disappears.

  8. Child pulled under bed… Nope. She pulled herself or pushed herself with the foot you can't see that is already under the bed. She cried because she got stuck.  Debunked. Next….


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  10. The video of the child being pulled under the bed didn't have all of the audio with it for some reason. I've seen that clip on other videos where you could clearly hear her crying the moment she started being "pulled"

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