Barrie Craig Confidential InvestigatoršŸ‘‰Old Time Radio Detective Compilation/OTR Visual Radio

Barrie Craig Confidential InvestigatoršŸ‘‰Old Time Radio Detective Compilation/OTR Visual Radio
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This Old Time Radio Detective Show aired from October 3, 1951, to June 30, 1955, on NBC radio.
Craig was more of a laid-back detective compared to some of his hard-boiled compatriots. William Gargan played Barrie Craig.
Enjoy Barrie Craig, Confidential Investigator with videos of beautiful scenery with the OTR Visual Radio.
0:00 Intro
1:08 The Thirteenth Guest
29:50 Kitchens Come With Knives
59:15 Fog Over Murder
1:28:30 The Lonely Corner
1:57:54 Strange Vision
2:26:38 Zero Hour
2:56:02 The Embezzler
3:25:29 The Schemers
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  1. The writers of this show are geniuses!! — double entendres, intriguing French, funny jokes, incongruous metaphors. One has to really listen to get it all! Love it! Thank you for uploading!

  2. I like how when confronted by incriminating information these guilty dames faint and fall to the floor with a ka-thunk.
    She's no fun,she fell right over. Lol
    The footage accompanying these yarns are most enjoyable. Thanks to you and yours for the uploads they are most appreciated.

  3. Iā€™m very much looking forward to this. I enjoyed everything you post. I have her all of the Johnny dollars I have heard all the let George do it I have her all the Nero wolfs and most of the dragnet. I am looking forward to something new. I have never heard of the show and I am very happy you have posted it. Thank you

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