9 Most Inspiring Animal Rescues

9 Most Inspiring Animal Rescues
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9 Most Inspiring Animal Rescues
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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the 9 Most Inspiring Animal Rescues! We all love animals and may even have pets like cats or dogs! But here are some true stories of real life animal rescues! In this animated cartoon video we will show you some of the most inspirational and heart warming stories where humans saved animals from dogs to horses and even polar bears and birds! These stories are presented using animation and cartoons with real facts about animals we know you will love! #Animals #Animation #Cartoons #Stories #Inspirational

00:31Iris The Pitbull
02:04 Alaska The Polar Bear
03:28 Parineeta The Donkey
04:40 Thorn The Squirrel
05:39 Benny The Horse
06:48 Toothless The Sheepdog
08:12 Teller The Pigeon
09:21 Timber The Pitbull
10:09 Larry The Lobster

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  1. the female is all black, named Bastet, and the boy who was mistaken for a female, i named Kalypso, it means she who hides. and I'd do anything for them.

  2. i love in the ghetto of North Philadelphia. one day, passing a storm drain, 2 children alerted me that there was a kitten trapped in the sewer. it was so small, it could walk across the floating trash. less than 2lbs I'd say, mewing hysterically. i ran the block to my house used an old pair of aluminium crutches and a wire coat hanger. i created a make shift dog choker. they were 2 meters down, about 6 feet and the drain only had holes that fit the pole. i hooked him on the 3rd try and lifted him so i could reach to the side but the kitten was so scared, she wouldn't let me grab her. after 20 seconds, she started to lose consciousness so i grabbed him, releasing his airway. bu the time he was aware of his surroundings, i had him curled up in my shirt. then i hear more hysterical mewing. in the corner, sinking into the water, an all black female half the size of her brother. i learned my lesson so i ran kitten number one home, ran back and hooked her 1st try, backwards so she couldnt bite and scratch, my hand covered in blood, i pulled her up and grabbed her all in one motion. i washed them up, showed them love, got them fixed and vaccinated, and i love them. and i used to HATE CATS. i was a dog person. now, im just an animal person

  3. I almost down-thumbed this video from the very beginning when I saw it was not actual video of any of these rescued animals. Then I realized it would have been too heart-wrenching to watch real video footage of all these animals. Thanks for posting this video! It did my heart good to hear the great things that happened to all these animals!!!!!! I agree with you that Alaska the Polar Bear was the saddest story, but with a great ending! Thumbs-up from me!!!!

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