Puma VS Wolf VS Bear – Amazing Wild Animals Fights Comparisons! (Animated)

Puma VS Wolf VS Bear - Amazing Wild Animals Fights Comparisons! (Animated)
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Puma VS Wolf VS Bear – Amazing Wild Animals Fights Comparisons! (Animated)

Many people wonder how strong animals in the wild. Some animals are very difficult to encounter in nature. In this game we tried to understand how wild animals will react to each other when they meet. Today, we will make a tournament about wild animals at Far Cry 5 Game Map Editor. Pitbull, Cougar and Grizzly Bear and wolf will fight in this tournament. Strongest animal will be champion because I can not control any animals.

I designed 2 different map for this encounter. Snowy and forest. We can not see these animals together in real life but we can compare these animals in this game. Comment the animals comparison you want to fight!

It is not intended violence, animal abuse or shocking on thumbnail and video. It is just for fun. I hope you enjoy yourself.

All content belongs to me. ©Blondi Foks

I made this thumbnail in Photoshop. You can not use it without permission.

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🐻 Grizzly has 3-4 feet in height when it is on all four legs. It can be up to 8 feet tall when it stands on back feet. Although grizzly bears are large animals, 75% of their diet is comprised of berries, leaves and nuts. They also like to eat fish, rodents and moose.

🐱 The Cougar, also known as mountain lion and puma, is Canada’s largest and most powerful wildcat. Males can reach up to two metres in length and weigh over 60 kilograms. Adult Cougars have short fur that is brown or greyish (sometimes reddish) over most of the body, with a white chest and belly.

🐺 Wolves live and hunt in packs of around six to ten animals. They are known to roam large distances, perhaps 12 miles in a single day. These social animals cooperate on their preferred prey—large animals such as deer, elk, and moose. … Wolves also eat smaller mammals, birds, fish, lizards, snakes, and fruit.

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  1. Nice Video. I think
    Grizzly Bear = GB
    GB vs. Cougar -> GB wins %80+
    GB vs. Wolf -> GB wins easy %100 in 1 vs 1 fight
    GB vs. Pitbull -> GB wins easy %100
    Cougar vs. Wolf -> Cougar %80 wins
    Cougar vs. Pitbull -> Cougar %95+ wins
    Team A -> Grizzly Bear , Team B -> Cougar & Wolf & Pitbull
    Team A vs. Team B -> %50-%50
    Team A wins
    *Grizzly bear kills them all.
    Team B wins
    1-Grizzly bear trying to kill wolf and cougar
    2-Cougar jumped on grizzly bear's back
    3-killed the bear after a hard fight.

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  3. Güzel video. Umarım işleriniz iyi gidiyordur. Bu savaşa gerçek hayat şartları ile bakarsak:
    Boz Ayı üçünü de bire bir dövüşte kolay bir şekilde öldürür. Ayrıca ne pitbullun ne de herhangi bir kurt türünün Boz ayıya karşı %1 şansı olduğunu düşünmüyorum. Bir Dağ Aslanı Pumanın belki taktiksel dövüşte %5'e kadar şansı olabilir. Çünkü avcı kedigillerin dövüş ve av taktikleri çok iyidir. Ayrıca Pitbull ve Kurtunda, Pumaya karşı maximum %20 şansı olabileceğini düşünüyorum( bire bir kavgada) . Çünkü dediğim gibi kedigillerin dövüş ve av becerileri; köpekgillerden çok daha iyi ve profesyoneldir.

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