New Orleans – HUGE FOOD TOUR!! Green Oysters, Muffuletta, Jambalaya, + Po’boys!!

New Orleans - HUGE FOOD TOUR!! Green Oysters, Muffuletta, Jambalaya, + Po’boys!!
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NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA: Welcome to New Orleans, one of the most exciting cities in the United States and one of the most delicious. Today we’re going on an ultimate food tour of the old French Quarter of New Orleans. We’ll be eating a lot of delicious and legendary food, and I’m going to share everything with you in this video now.

Thanks to Derek Robinson, my brother in law for featuring in this video. He roasts amazing coffee:

Here are the places we went:

Cafe Du Monde French Market ( – Easily the most recognizable and iconic coffee shops in New Orleans, and probably the United States, Cafe Du Monde serves unique chicory coffee and beignet. Although seemingly always packed, it’s a great place to get your day started when you’re in the French Quarter.

Central Grocery and Deli ( Price – $22.60 – Next up we walked down the road to Central Grocery and Deli, home of the original muffuletta, a gigantic round sandwich with a variety of meats and cheeses, but most importantly an olive salad. The olives are what totally set it apart.

Coop’s Place ( – Price – $29 – Unfortunately Coop’s Place is only over 21, and they don’t allow filming inside. So we took our rabbit sausage jambalaya and étouffée to go. Both dishes were delicious, especially the jambalaya!

Verti Marte ( – All That Jazz Po’ boy – $14.68 – Next up on this ultimate food tour in New Orleans, we stopped at Verti Marte for a giant Po’boy that included just about everything you could possibly imagine. It was a heavy sandwich but totally worth it.

Galatoire’s ( – Price – $40 – $60 per person – Next up for dinner, I made a reservation at Galatoire’s, known to be one of the best restaurants in New Orleans. Although they didn’t invent Oysters Rockefeller, they make a great version of them, and for me that was one of the highlights. Also, don’t miss the flaming coffee to finish your meal!

Brennan’s ( – Price – $22.04 – Finally completely unplanned, because we were right around the corner, we headed to Brennan’s where they invented Bananas Foster! As Derek said, the best bananas foster he’s ever had.

And that wraps up this ultimate food tour in the New Orleans French Quarter. It was an amazing day exploring Creole and Cajun cuisine and culture in New Orleans!



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  1. Mark, another excellent video! Thank you, New Orleans is on my bucket list. So cool you featured your brother-in-love and gave us a glimpse of your beautiful family 💞. Keep up the exceptional work and safe travels!

  2. It’s good to see that you still have the same enthusiasm for your videos as you did in the beginning. You truly are a person who loves their work. When I’m watching you videos, I can almost taste what you’re eating! 😋 Keep up the good work Mark. 👍

  3. Well, you’d think with a vloggers as big as Mark Wiens would have someone check if you could film at a location before going to it. Me thinks somebodies screwed up.

  4. Mark I got a question do you have some form of cancer or a tapeworm because your super thin and veiny but you eat more than man 3 weeks lost at sea put in a buffet.

  5. Hola Mark, I have been a subscriber for years and have never commented on your videos however, this video really inspired me to let you know how much I enjoy your food shares. You truly are so genuine and charismatic in your videos. I love seeing your wife and son as well. Thanks for your hard work. 🦋

  6. Probably some of the best food ever made. We live 2.5 hours East of New Orleans. My favorite there is the cajun cream sauce pasta with shrimp and crawfish but my place is Zydeco Cafe down below Thibodeaux and Houma.

  7. Everyone always goes to NOLA for the food lol i mean you can definitely find some good food but NOLA is more for the experience lol. For the BEST food u gotta go about 1 & a half-2hrs NW on the I-10 to Acadiana! Lafayette/Scott/Breaux Bridge is where its at! Crawfish, boudin, & a good ROUX gumbo! #337 🙌🏽⚜️

  8. NO !!!!
    At 30:00 when you eat that green slime, and says "mhm".
    Sorry I do not believe you.
    It absolutely, can't taste anywhere 'good'.
    ARRRRGH. Next time see you eat, some green slimy things. I'll just skip it.

  9. Mark, 33 years ago I went to New Orleans for the first and last time. It was one of the very best trips I took and I went specifically for the Architecture and the amazing food. I have been hesitant to return because I don’t think going there a second time could ever compare to the first but I encourage anyone who has not been to go! Plan every hour of your days and nights carefully and do all the research you can ahead of time, because there is so much to see and it is such an amazing experience.

  10. Good food can be found anywhere. You feed yourself with more than just food when you travel. Experience the world and all its flavors. Love from Korea 🇰🇷💕

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