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  1. Morris the cat, (the old cat food commercial). Nice that Nick still needs you. My mom is 82 and needs me now, mostly because she locks herself out of the house or car. (She never puts the "hide a keys" back). Lol

  2. I am beginning to think Tyson is being a bit of a bad influence on Ivan with regards to adopting Cats. Not a fan of Cat's except the big steel ones that purr loud.

  3. Next time you have to give Nick a ride, make him ride in the back seat, i'm just kidding, but it would make a great video. Thanks for the videos and stay safe.

  4. I'm not sure what's wrong with your dog but mine will eat anything that even somewhat resembles food except raw carrots and celery. That cat is bigger than I was expecting.

  5. He did n't loose his tires he lost his tread.. Still running bias ply snow tires.. I have dozens and dozens of good 10:00 20 tube type bias ply tires mounted on dayton wheels and holding air .. too bad you live so far from Michigan ..

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