10 Craziest Animal Fights Caught on Camera

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10 Craziest Animal Fights Caught on Camera

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10 Craziest Animal Fights Caught on Camera

Whether it’s Lion versus hyenas or impala versus cheetah, Orcas versus whales, or Octopus vs Sharks, here are 10 craziest animal fights caught on camera. Stay tuned to watch how an orca kills a baby whale in front of its mother.

Number 10:
Lion vs Crocodile
Lions and crocodiles rarely fight but they do encounter each other over food resources on and off. I mean, if there is one prey and two predators, what do you expect? At times, one fierce look of the lion is enough to make crocs retreat into the water but sometimes, they do fight.
Here, three lionesses were against one crocodile and the fight turned crazy where they fought each other to death. The battle started over a kill when one of the lionesses approached the croc and politely asked it to leave. Upon refusal, they jumped on the croc and the fight began that ended up with the death of the crocodile and the lions came out victorious.
It was an extremely rare event caught on camera by some tourists in the Samburu National Reserve in Kenya in 2014.

Number 9:
Snakes versus Snakes
Snakes often fight each other to death. Take this clip as an example where a king cobra and a python are battling for each other’s lives as snakes are often involved in cannibalistic activities where they eat individuals of their own species. This fight however, resulted in a stalemate.
I have another video footage where two king cobras had one of the bloodiest and craziest fights of this list, loook, they were wrapped around each other’s bodies with their jaws locked on in an attempt to constrict and suffocate the other but nothing was working.

The video was recorded by an animal lover in South Africa. The man claimed that he separated these two intertwined snakes in order to execute a ceasefire but then they again locked their jaws on each other and continued to roll and flip over hoping the other would give up. They are rolling and flipping, flipping and rolling.
The ferocious fight did not end but the cameraman was tired and he gave up on filming them

Number 8:
Mother Bear Fights Alpha Male
Bears are solitary animals but increasing global warming has reduced their hunting spots which means they often fight each other over food resources but you do not expect a weak female bear to fight an alpha male twice its size over a supreme hunting spot yet it happened in this entry.

A mother bear desperately needed to find a new spot to catch fish for her babies to survive as another black bear stole her territory. Instead of finding a new spot, she decided to fight the bear. She protested silently at first but then she attacked him.

The black bear then went on to hunt her babies and this is when the mama bear was in her full rage. She did not care if it was twice her size, she rested after she made sure that he would never return.

Number 7:
Lion Trapped by Clan of Hyenas
Hyenas vs lions is a rivalry both notorious and ancient where both of these two species never got exhausted of fighting each other.
This entry, however, is the newest addition in their hundreds of years old fighting history where a lone lion was trapped inside a clan of hyenas and they were all enjoying harassing the lion. The solitary lion was completely helpless in front of dozens of hyenas which were literally living their dream of manhandling a lion. They poked him, bit him and intimidated him wherein the lion tried to fight back. Of course, it was futile.

BUT WAIT UNTIL the companion of the lonely lion comes. That was a goddamn heroic entry by the second lion, a friend of the first one.

He showed his friend loyalty where he needed it the most.

Number 6:
Cheetah vs Impala
The main shield impalas have against cheetahs is an escape strategy that rarely works.

But in this craziest of all entries, an impala went all mad and attacked a cheetah using its longhorns. It was very humiliating for the big cat especially when its cubs were watching it getting the living daylights beaten out of it.

It all started when the cheetah was chasing a herd of impalas when the front leg of this uncommonly brave impala ended up in the jaws of the big cat. It had no choice but to fight back and it did.


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