Top 7 Cutest Puppies

Top 7 Cutest Puppies
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Cutest puppies

There are not many of us who don’t totally lose it when brought face to face with the cutest of puppies. Grown men pull faces they hadn’t since childhood, and those hardened by the struggle of parenthood find themselves unable to hold back the ‘baby voice’ that has become a reminder of that honeymoon period with the kids, just before ‘shit got real’.

Here is our rundown of the damn-near-cutest living things there can possibly be: ickle puppiewuppies.

7. Shih Tzu

Like a snowball with eyes and a cute button nose, this little man not only fits in the palm of your hand, but is softer than soft. With possibly the furriest head ever, and his beautiful dark symmetrical markings, this guy is a great benchmark for the sheer cuteness that’s about to follow…

Like a snowball with eyes / Softer than soft / Fuzzy head with great markings / What a starting point…

6. St. Bernard

A world away from what she’ll become, this brown and white bundle of fur is as soft and cuddly as she looks. Give her all the cuddles and snuggles that you can before she grows to the size of a small house. Those huge paws are a hint of things to come. Adorable.

World away from adult dog / Cuddly brown and white bundle / Huge paws… and they get bigger, much bigger.

5. Beagle

He really is quite a popular dog, a great all rounder as an adult. Wait then, until you see him as a puppy. That little heavy head, those soulful lost eyes, and those big floppy ears make him so innocent looking, you simply won’t be able to pass him by. Not forgetting the soft snout too!

Popular dog / Very cute puppy / Lost little eyes, floppy ears / Picture of innocence / Man, that snout!

4. Bernese Mountain Dog

Take a stunning adult dog with striking colours and strong features, then make them chubbier, a hell of a lot softer and smoother all round: now that’s a recipe for a super-cute pup. This little lady is like a toy version of your favourite dog, you’ll never want her to grow up.

Rounder, smoother, chubbier than adult… recipe for cute / You’ll never want her to grow up

3. Tibetan Mastiff

Now if a dog is a huge cute fur-ball as an adult, just imagine what he’s like as a puppy! Yep, you guessed it, a small cute fur-ball. This little man is so fluffy and round he’s almost a ball. But even as a puppy this super-cuteness doesn’t last too long, he’ll look grown up very quickly!

Furry adult, super furry puppy / So fluffy, he’s almost a ball / Not a puppy for long!

2. Golden Retriever

A beautifully dignified puppy that grows into a beautiful and dignified dog. She’s a testament to the form of the dog, beautifully coloured and a ‘classic doggy’ shape. Due to the size of these litters it’s very hard to avoid an overdose of cuteness, as most breeders present them in groups. So cute.

Beautiful and dignified puppy… and dog / Classic puppy looks / Large litters look adorable together

Number 1. Dogo Argentino

He might not be the prettiest of adults, but as a puppy he sure does make up for it. There’s something quite endearing about ugliness in the making, and his mini cuddly form with his small eyes and almost lion-like face is nothing short of adorable. A deserving winner it’s true.

Quirky looking adult, cute as hell puppy / Lion-like face on a cuddly little form / True winner here!

Do you agree with our list?

If you think your favourite breed should be on this list then tell us about it in the comments below.


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  1. Australian Cattle Dog puppies are also extremely cute. Just thinking about it makes me miss my best friend Dingo, with whom we spent 13 years together until he passed.

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