Every Plane Crash from Air Disasters Season 16 | Smithsonian Channel

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From a lightning strike that knocked a plane out of the sky to a plane with a history of landing gear failures, here is every plane crash from Air Disasters Season 16.

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  1. During covid i was flying dubai to india amritsir airport, gone through very bad time, luckily me and all the passengers are alive today, landing in bad weather how plane was shaking how plane went down without pilot control, luckily pilot controled plane ✈ still that fear in deep my heart, now i am fearing to travel by plane, i can feel the fear 😨 how its feel when jet gets out of control, while all these emergency situations we always see our death in eyes,

  2. As a retired Steal worker paying due member. Female welder for TIMET. Every electrode I welded had to be signed, dated, clock number recorded, and inspected. So if a airliner had problems or crashed each piece of metal made of Titanium could be tracked back to the creator. Why are electrical companies and software companies and sensor companies not held to SOP, RULES AND REGULATIONS??

  3. Me: watching the plane crash BS211 in South America near Nepal 🇳🇵 thinking
    Who hired that pilot how do you miss a whole runway in clear weather???? Also why would the pilot fly that dangerous?!!

    But it tragic loss of life.

  4. Comair 5191. "That's weird? No lights?"

    Naw! I've never seen any airport use runway lights at night. When they do it's just at Christmas time for decorations.

  5. the max 8 real cause is because Boeing never told the Indonesia and Ethiopian pilots that they added a new MCAS system, they kept it secrets because teaching the pilot of a new system will waste more time.

  6. there's just one question for investigators for D'Angelo's Transportation safety board or the dtsb why did GPS fly 1354 why did UPS for 1354 crashed just a like a mile short of the runway maybe they might be around 400 or 500,000 pounds of fuel not pounds of fuel sorry I mean for UPS not for like any other plane that has like mounds of pounds of fuel

  7. Watches flight 1380: MOM I DONT WANNA GET ON THE 737 WERE GONNA DIEEEEE (Sorry if this was a disperect thing i thought it will be something funny of this thing but im not laughing at the dead or injured people.

  8. My Friend's Freind's Of Freind, was on the JT610 My Friend Was Crying For The Intire Day, I Came Out Sad As Well To Hear About it, It Was Heartbreaking

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