Mexican Street Food – SEAFOOD TOWER!! 🦐 Burritos, Tacos + Ceviche in Tucson, Arizona!!

Mexican Street Food - SEAFOOD TOWER!! 🦐 Burritos, Tacos + Ceviche in Tucson, Arizona!!
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🥩 Carne Asada Tour:
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TUCSON, ARIZONA – Welcome again to Tucson, Arizona, home of some of the best Sonoran food. Today, we’re taking you on an ultimate Mexican street food to eat a variety of different foods including amazing breakfast tacos, fresh Sonoran seafood, Puebla style mole, and finally we finish with more amazing Sonoran carne asada, some of the best in all of Tucson. Let’s go eat!

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Taqueria Porfis ( Price – $2.50 per taco – For breakfast we started off trying Taqueria Porfis, a type of delicious breakfast taco originally from Nogales, Mexico across the border of Arizona. The tacos are very similar to tacos de canasta, or basket tacos. The tortillas are dipped in red oily salsa, then filled with a mixture of meat and potato and seasoned. There’s nothing you’d want to be eating more in the morning in Tucson than tacos porfis!

Mariscos Baja Mar ( Total price – $111.21 – Next we headed to Mariscos Baja Mar for a huge Sonoran Mexican seafood feast. All was good, but the highlight for me was the seafood tower with multiple layers of seafood piled high.

El Antojo Poblano en Tucson ( Total price – $33 – Next, Carlos and I headed over to El Antojo Poblano en Tucson to try Puebla Mexican food, and especially enmoladas – mole sauce over corn tortillas wrapped with chicken on the inside. The owner gets here mole paste from her Mother in Puebla, so you can expect the real deal, authentic taste. It was so food, highly recommended when you’re in Tucson. Although most of the food we ate in Tucson was Sonoran, it was nice to eat some more variety.

Los Mezquites ( – Total price – $40 (we ordered more than shown in video) – Finally to complete this street food tour, we headed to Los Mezquites for a final carne asada feast. This is one of my favorite places in Tucson where they grill over mesquite all outdoor cooking. Everything is prepared on the fire, including the tortillas and the beans and the onions. So incredibly good. And we finished up this tour with a bowl of Sonoran white menudo – delicious!

And that completes another incredible Mexican street food tour in Tucson!



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  2. My favorite Mexican food tour by far! Food looked so good 😊! I’m Mexican & I’m from Texas so I know good Mexican food. Great video bro 😎

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  4. Adding so much spice to everything he it’s just ruins it taste the food for what it is everything u eat doesn’t need chillis or spicy sauce

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