I Am The Best Sniper That Ever Lived – The White Death

I Am The Best Sniper That Ever Lived - The White Death
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My name is Simo Häyhä. They call me The White Death. This is the true story of my life as a sniper in the Finnish army as I fought against the invasion by the Soviet Union’s Red Army during World War II.

Simo Häyhä, who was born in Finland near the Russian border, is easily in the top list of most skilled and effective snipers of all time. He took on tremendous odds and great challenges, striking fear into the hearts of his enemies and winning the acclaim of his countryman. What made him one of the very best? Find out in this original full episode of I Am. This video is based on true real life events.

0:00 The outbreak of World War II
0:32 I am The White Death
0:45 Stalin’s impossible demands
0:59 War is declared
1:32 Just like Napoleon
2:00 Asymmetrical warfare
3:39 Defense of Pyhäjoki
4:21 Made an official sniper
4:46 Facing another sniper
5:33 A reputation spreads
5:53 Another sniper battle
6:44 More Soviet targets
7:03 Staying in position for hours
7:34 Mouthfuls of snow to cool breath
8:30 Waking up in a medical tent
9:06 His war is done


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  1. The team and I are taking a much-needed vacation for a few days, so please enjoy these videos that we LOVED making for the I AM channel, that we wish more people had seen.
    Let me know what you think and if you feel like we should bring this style back. Much love from me (The Infographics Show 'Guy') and everyone on the team!

  2. "After his wounding, Häyhä wanted to serve in the Continuation War (1941–44) as well. However, he was not allowed to because the injuries to his face were so severe."

    Is this video lying or Wikipedia?

  3. If the war was a game he would be accused of cheating having a 500 KDA confirmed and probably even more unconfirmed kills as only witnessed kills are recorded

  4. Amazing true story. Just too bad that there will probably never be any American movie about him. He sounds almost too good to be true. Almost. He sounds like he was a good man.

  5. I've always been interested in the journey of one soldier in wars, the individual stories they can tell is what I enjoy, developed this interest through videogames.

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