Scariest Ghosts Caught On Camera (YOU WILL NOT SLEEP TONIGHT!)

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Scariest Ghosts Caught On Camera (YOU WILL NOT SLEEP!) These are some of the spookiest ghosts caught on camera that I could find! They give me the chills!

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  1. As for that abandon so called school which is NOT abandon this was already debunked as A fake look carefully at the lockers moving you will see A window behind it and behind the window outside there were A couple of kids making those lockers move like that

  2. 1 Who's filming they are perfectly placed first 1 fraud

    2 camera footage overlap

    3 all looks like string tricks

    4 again I'm sure people get in to taxis alot in that camera like 2 overlap

    5 FAKE

    6 ?‍♂️ and like you say never in the day its a hollagram

  3. I work doing security for schools in Virginia, USA. I primarily work in the evenings/nights when nobody’s supposed to be there. We have schools that are over 80 years old and we’ve had many people quit because of experiences they’ve had. Some experiences I’ve had have been mind blowing to say the least. Also seen some things on CCTV that I can’t necessarily explain

  4. Your creepy tone videos give me the shits so I prefer it more light hearted like this lol, and don't stop swearing, it wouldn't be very British of you!

  5. Go to the abandoned Mr Bobby Land! I think it's in Somerset. It looks creepy af and Mr Blobby is pretty terrifying at the best of times.

    Also I love the more light hearted tone of this video, its more unique as I already watch plenty of channels with more of a creepy vibe.

  6. Doesn't matter how you deliver your content buddy, just be yourself. I wouldn't bother with randonautica I've done it a couple of times on my own and some with my mates and guess what NOTHING ….. JUST NOTHING except one of the times on my own I ended up on private property and the police blinded me with a torch and sent me on my merry way.

  7. TheDisneyland footage was PROVEN to be a residual footage from the reused tape. Also, the school “ghost” was also debunked as fake. Strings and fishing line was masked out. The BEST debunking channel is “World of MrGrey”. Check him out. He’s a mate from Wales and an intelligent bloke that takes tons of time going through these “ghost/paranormal” videos frame by frame and finds the mistakes made by the creators faking videos. He’s awesome. Tell him I sent you‼️‼️

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