ImDontai Reacts To Near Death Experiences pt 91

ImDontai Reacts To Near Death Experiences pt 91
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  1. That plane on the water, wasnt even a crash, it was an emergency landing, meaning pilots wouldnt risk anyone's lives to save their plane, they knew the spot didnt have people on it so they chose that spot, ong stop being dramatic yall

  2. suprises me how little people know that it takes a while for a boat that big to slow down, even with emergency brakes, all that forward momentum will still carry it bruh

  3. i’m assuming the reason they were freaked out about the jet was because they don’t know what condition it was in, it could’ve been about to explode.

  4. Bro that part With Ava reminds me of a time I was riding my bike in the road and a truck came around the corner, hit a tree and flipped over and it stopped like 20 feet away from me and instantly went a pulled this dad and his daughter out

  5. Fun fact most bobcats would rather avoid people Like rarely they become aggressive and attack people they are like cougars because cougars would rather run from people then actually have A encounter and if a cougar wants to kill you you are very unlucky or you antagonize the cougar which is stupid

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