These Must be the CUTEST Pets on Tik Tok ?

These Must be the CUTEST Pets on Tik Tok ?
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Check out more of the cutest Pets on Tik Tok:

00:00 friendlyquest
00:11 themilestwins
00:26 tigerbeecroft
00:50 chantyb97
01:07 pupandpip
01:28 omgadorable
01:48 emmaab94
01:59 animalsdoingthings
02:18 warriorbulldogs
02:30 userpub3y9m7kb
02:39 britishpromise.cats
02:52 chipmunksoftiktok
03:02 dobyandblue
03:12 dj_joey24
03:29 beingbirch
03:38 brownie_thesausage
03:48 mikeymoments
04:03 snoweethecockatoo
04:26 foster_kitten_life
04:40 im.diffferent
04:52 foodandtips
04:58 zwfmiami
05:09 oliviafayemusic
05:24 kittenmeow555
05:30 ubaldoapolinar
05:52 picobellogatto
06:11 animalsdt
06:30 firstnamewild
06:38 kendallgjohnson
06:59 aseelj1
07:08 novaruu
07:20 thor_the_malamute
07:40 hamstarz
07:52 kylaaaar8
08:13 jace_and_nuka_mallielife
08:46 woodlandsiberians
09:00 mgnasmth
09:09 tomlt618
09:19 yungieesh
09:29 dayswithesteban
09:56 summerpet
10:05 sovietkittenss
10:18 callmecourtnay
10:40 kyle.nicholsonn
10:56 mikeandchristina
11:12 sfadopt
11:21 zmrzrzil
11:49 nickibaber
12:03 jadalenchapman
12:34 elsbelsssss
13:25 gogofunny
13:52 rachelredecop17
14:01 lunalily.huskies
14:11 mickykardashian
14:20 trequine
14:33 huntforakeeper
15:17 taylorthorington
15:31 puddlemonkey101
16:13 animalsdoingthings
16:30 thewhiteredfox
16:45 shreddertheraccoon
17:15 mintyminde
17:24 mr.milothechonk
17:34 ellieopdycke
17:51 phoenixherp
18:03 yeahimcaroline
18:19 ellieopdycke
18:34 chipmunksoftiktok
18:51 rio.amari
19:13 ballparkdoxies
19:27 esperborzoi
19:36 ostrichplug
19:47 brendanxa

Thank you for checking out my channel which features the cutest pets on tik tok. Cute Pets and especially tik tok cute pets are my passion and I will provide you with cute animals each and every week.

– Mr Mouse


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  1. Hey friends! Thank you so much for checking out my first ever video :^) I tried hard to find the absolutely cutest pets on TikTok for you!! If you enjoyed, please give the video a like and consider subscribing. There are many more videos to come!!

    – Mr Mouse

  2. Yet another video where you clicked and watched the home thing waiting for the video that was shown in thumbnail but never came….

  3. It makes me nervous seeing those people letting their cat hang out the car window, if the cat jumped out, they may never be able to catch it.
    Besides losing a pet they love, that cat costs about $5000.

  4. Since we saw ZERO CHINCHILLAS, I will tell you about the one i used to have. Her name was Omai. Yes, 'oh my'. She was cute. Her fur was so soft, I could barely even feel it. If I let her out of her cage, she'd take off like her butt was on fire, doing blazes all over the place. Super-fast! She could jump four feet high and six feet away. She did not care what she jumped on (use your imagination). I decided it would be good for her and my house to take her out for 'walks'. They were not walks. They were jumps, everywhere, on trees, in bushes, you name it. I loved her. But I had to re-home her because her energy levels were something I could not handle. I gave her to a chinchilla rescue, where she had a large, outdoor enclosure, plenty of things to jump on, and friends to jump with. Her life is better there.

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