Rescuing a scared stranded Pit Bull who was struggling to survive. Please share.

Rescuing a scared stranded Pit Bull who was struggling to survive.  Please share.
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  1. A gentle giant who only wanted to be loved….and the mean owners left her there to die alone….so cruel….the owners need to go and find their hearts because they lost it or never had one……

  2. LOVE THE WORK YOU DO!! But I must pass on a little trick I discovered having dogs all my life. It is infinitely easier to catch a dog if you have one with you. This dog needs the right temperament of course. Healthy and vaccinated. But also socially trained and obedient. But that dog will help you in ways you never imagined! I found a stray brindle pittie in my neighborhood. Tried catching him many times but no luck, until I had my dogs with me in the yard and while I was playing with them, the brindle came up wanting to play too. Since then I have had Hershey with me every time I've caught another stray. Works like a charm. Just FYI!

  3. People are unbelievably cruel sometimes. This sweet innocent girl was left by her family in the desert to die, she must have been scared wondering where did my family go.
    Thank you for saving her.

  4. There's a Special Place Reserved in Hell for Certain "Scum" !
    But Beautiful Soul's like Bunny Get more Angel's because All They Want and Believe in is Love.

    Bless Those Who Help the Angel's too save Such Beauty.

    Stay Safe Everyone

  5. I’m so pleased that you managed to get her poor little bugger I watch your videos all the time about rescuing these poor animals I’d like to know how many Animals have you managed to rehome

  6. That is one strong-looking pit. Reminds me of the Silverback. Had this been a male, "King Kong" would have certainly been an apropos nickname. ehe

  7. Sometimes I see the joy they have at their foster homes and I hate to see them have to leave there. One can only hope that they will be just as happy at their new forever home. ❤

  8. If you're interested in saving pit bulls please go to the I love pitbulls page on Facebook or donate to non-for-profits such as these.. there are many pitbulls that are in urgent need of rescue.

  9. Why do people cut the ears on pitties its so cruel and should be made illegal it is here in Australia so you very very rarely see it it does nothing to help the dog only causes pain and discomfort when its done so stop it people.

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