Abandoned Naked Dog Is So Fluffy Now | The Dodo

Abandoned Naked Dog Is So Fluffy Now | The Dodo
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When this naked dog was found in an empty villa in Bali, these two women rescued her and took care of her until she was ready to fly to her new home in Washington, D.C. She’s SO fluffy and happy now — watch when she sprints around her new home ???

Keep up with Lucy on Instagram: http://thedo.do/lucy_balirescue.
Special thanks to Desy and Chantal at Bali Paws for rescuing Lucy, you can check out more of their rescue efforts on Instagram: http://thedo.do/balipaws.

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  1. I think the dog they rescued before is different from the dog they showing because the former dog has already given birth because of the nipple has been lactated. The latter dog is has not given birth because the nipple has not been lactated. The latter dog is still a puppy.

  2. I'm glad she got a great home but now this couple from the U.S. should also adopt another dog from a shelter here !! There are so many dogs who need a home before they get euthanized !

  3. Pobrecito no se puede tener a un animalito tan indefenso en esas condiciones tiene más hambre que otra cosa cuidenlo pobre con todo lo qué ha pasado de abandono suerte para recuperarlo.Un saludó

  4. OMG There is no way that is the same dog!!!! WOW, I love these stories. They're such a great source of goodness still going on in a world that is quickly being engulfed in Political wars. I'm a 60 yo retired widower ,I just usually stay away fr everyone with my dog in our house that's fairly secluded , when we need a smile we watch this channel.weve thought of adopting one of these dogs but I'm severely handicapped and taking care of myself and the 1 dao I already have is all the challenge I can endure right at this time.someday though

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