Baji's Death Reaction || Tokyo Revengers Episode 21 Reaction

Baji's Death Reaction || Tokyo Revengers Episode 21 Reaction
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This Tokyo Revengers reaction was Baji’s Death.. Baji killed himself so Kazutora wouldn’t have to bear the death of a close friend, and Mikey wouldn’t murder him. He killed himself for Tokyo Manji Gang, and I ahve nothing but respect for him. RIP the GOAT.




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  1. The reason y Baji killed himself because he wanted Mikey and toman to live a longer life without him.
    -Katzutora killed Mikey's brother by accident
    -baji wanted katzutora to kill him(Baji)
    -Baji did survive but if he didn't stab himself he would've been alive to kick kiaski out of Toman
    It's just katzutora fault it's mostly kisaki and Shuji(Hanna) plan

  2. thank you for the spoiler
    please don't add any description to the title i'm not watching now till it finished so i''l have all the episodes but now i'll start watching and i know this baji guy will die

  3. People gotta stop disrespecting Takemichi people who hate on him legit dont understand him at all and r just hating on him without even knowing whats in his reach hes the goat people.

  4. MIKEY ISNT Middle schooler, they are high schoolers, only takemichi is in middle , the truth is mikey and draken are in high school end in that point

  5. To be honest the true down fall happened when Shinichiro died I'm 80% sure that the moment he died everything changed since Shinichiro was the person who you look up to even though he isn't psychically strong there Is something about him that makes others want to follow him and look up to him

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