Most Creepy Footage Ever Seen – Real Ghost Caught on Home Security Camera?

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This is by far the most creepy footage we have seen in a while. This is taken from a home security camera footage in Singapore. This is a condo in Yishun. In recent years, Yishun has been known for many strange happenings. this includes multiple cat killings, numerous suicides and even murder. In a country like Singapore, this is certainly not normal.

In this home security footage, we see an old woman at home just peeling some onions. It appears that there is a knock on the door. If you observe the clock in the footage, it is already close to midnight. Surely, this is an odd time for anyone to be visiting.

She opens the door and finds no one. She returns to peeling the onions and that’s when the nightmare starts.

Watch till the end to find out why this is the most creepy footage ever seen. And could this be a real ghost caught on home security camera? Or is this just an elaborate prank?

You decide.


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