Apocalyptic scenes as tornado hit Pantelleria Italy

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Yesterday, on september 10 2021, a deadly tornado hit north of island Pantelleria, Italy. The toll is dramatic: two dead and nine injured… Tornado came from sea and hit at 7pm in the Campobello district, near Cala Cinque Denti. Footage, that spread over social networks shows the roofs of some houses are blown away. Some cars are changed to wreckage.
Victims are off-duty firefighter and an 86-year-old man who were travelling by car on Friday evening like tourists on south of Sicily. “It’s difficult to accept such a thing. It’s a huge pain,” Pantelleria mayor Vincenzo Campo wrote on Facebook. The president of the Region Nello Musumeci says: «I am close to the families of the victims. “What presented itself to our eyes was an apocalyptic scene,” says a 118 rescuer, one of the first to intervene. “At the moment there are two confirmed deaths – he says – but the searches are continuing, to verify if there are missing. Dramatic situation on the island, rescue made difficult by the weather conditions. The testimony of some tourists in Pantelleria: “Live by a miracle”.
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