Top 5 craziest animal fights

Top 5 craziest animal fights
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What up guys? You know, humans are very into the animal kingdom life. Including the small ones. And one of the craziest moments of theirs is when they’re up to a survival fight. So, today i decided to bring to you a top five tiny animals brutal battles caught on camera.
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Top Five: Giant cockroach versus two grassshoppers

Top Four: Centipede versus Praying Mantis

Top Three: Grasshopper versus Praying Mantis

Top Two: Rainforest scorpion versus Grasshopper

Top one: Two Grasshoppers versus Praying Mantis. The revenge!!!

This kind of video can be even educational. We may learn how animals fight to survive, learn about the food chain and their attack and defense techniques.

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All fights videos are credited to: 小强试验 (Xiaoqiang test); video link:


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