Top 10 Saddest Space Flight Disasters

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Unfortunately, there have been a number of horrific disasters of the space program. Between the explosions of the Challenge and Columbia space shuttles and the tragic deaths of the Apollo 1 astronauts in America, and the explosion of the Vostok-2M rocket and the deaths of the Soyuz 11 cosmonauts for the USSR, history’s worst space disasters have left a black mark on the space program. WatchMojo counts down ten of the most devastating space flight disasters ever.

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00:41 #10: Death of Valentin Bondarenko – March 23, 1961
01:24 #9: VSS Enterprise Crash – October 31, 2014
02:20 #8: Michael J. Adams – November 15, 1967
03:11 #7: Intelsat-708 – February 15, 1996
03:52 #6: Apollo 1 – January 27, 1967
04:53 #5: Vostok-2M Rocket Explosion – March 18, 1980
05:35 #4: Soyuz 11 – June 30, 1971
06:33 #3, #2 & #1 ???

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  1. @1:36 They actually just recently achieved success with a different space craft of the same type. I honestly did not know that one had crashed before that until today, but yes. They actually succeeded in doing a commercial space flight recently as of July 2021.

  2. Yes these are all very sad but you missed 2 other sad events number one in the 1960s two Italian brothers two recordings of cosmonauts dying one was bunt up in the atmosphere this was a woman while the man lost oxygen I believe

  3. NASA DID know about the issue with Columbias wing, and get your info correct, a piece of foam flew off and broke the heat resistance tiles, not punctured a hole in the wing.

  4. "Houston we have a problem"

    "Dishonourable mentions"

    Shows wrong person when referring to Christa mcauliffe

    Missing Komarov

    Terrible video. No respect. Definitely earned that dislike ?

  5. You really have the challenger disaster mixed up, you zoomed in on resnik and described her as krista and the shuttle didn't break apart it exploded…

  6. The fact that you fuckers didn't even exclude "HEY SMASH LIKE BUTTON!" is such a fucking disgrace. People like you will be haunted by it, and the psychopathic empathy-deprived CEO's banking on your work won't give two shits.

  7. This all leads to end of earth they think they are saving the earth but at the end they ll see what is true. ok they can save from small space dust rocks if aa moon size rock appear what they can do?

  8. Why is komarov is in disHonorable metions and why is it dishonorable metions how stupid can you be and ham the chimp it was soo sad AND YOU DONT CARE YOUR GUILTY dislike

  9. This video is quite literally disgusting. If you can’t respect the people who gave their lives unwillingly to NASA and ROSCOSMOS to let them continue their programs, don’t make a video about it. The people had no idea what they were getting into. And how hard is it to zoom in on Christa McAuliffe?

  10. Shouldn't the title be "the worst disasters that happened"? Not "the top 10"? All of them deserve the same amount of respect not by saying "top ten" I just think it's not fair

  11. Columbia's disaster should be considered the most painful space flight disaster in history. Those guys did a 16 days in space and returned after a successful mission and were in a situation where no one could save them if they had known what they were going into. Their sacrifice should never be forgotten and also it is the biggest modern day disaster for us to learn from.

  12. Why is it that the comments i see others often talk s*** about space exploration. Space is something we want to explore with hopes of its success solving our problems on Earth. We run out of space on earth what should we do? Genocide? We could send a few to live on other planets.

  13. WatchMojo is disgusting and disrespectful. Everyone of their videos spread misinformation about history.

    Don't try and comment on this comment if you're braindead or a little kid. I had enough of dumb people defending this channel.

    If you want a good channel, watch ThatCreepyReading or Markiplier. At least their good at their content.

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