Near-Death Experiences – Just a Lack of Oxygen?

Near-Death Experiences – Just a Lack of Oxygen?
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Are near-death experiences caused by a lack of oxygen in the blood? This question is the focus of the first episode of our new series “Thanatology Up-to-Date”.

Werner Huemer talks to Swiss physician and death researcher Reto Eberhard Rast.

00:00:36 The recurring explanation of near-death experiences due to the lack of oxygen in the brain
00:02:46 Is it conceivable that other substances have effects on the brain, such as medication?
00:03:59 Why is this theory of “the lack of oxygen” still present?
00:06:00 Patterns of explanations often correlate with people’s world views

Director: Mehmet Yesilgöz
Translation: Katrin Salhenegger-Niamir
Voice-over: Aryan Salhenegger-Niamir, Werner Huemer
Editor, Interviewer: Werner Huemer

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  1. I think Near Death Experiences should be divided in 2 categories:
    1. Anaesthesia/medications-induced NDEs. These are more likely to have happened in hospitals. In this category I would also add recreational drugs-induced NDEs which are the experiences occured to people who have taken LSD, mushrooms, Ayahuasca and so on.
    2. Spontaneous, meditation-induced, while-sleeping and generally non-drug/medication-induced NDEs. The experiences falling in this category may be the more interesting to analyse because they might be "purer".

  2. I was a heroin addict for 30 years. Opiates are not hallucinogenic. They do cause you to "daydream" and actually see future events though. They make you feel as though you are taking part in the daydream. But no hallucinations. I had a NDE on PCP though. I saw my body on the floor (i thought i was looking at the ceiling because i fell backwards but never felt myself hit the floor) then , all of the sudden i was in front of the sun (or what i thought was the sun) . It was a giant fractal , orange reddish in color. A woman came out of it and explained reality to me. Everything is made of radio waves , she said…vibrations , frequencies…nothing is real. It was a very strange but amazing experience , to say the least.

  3. How about seeing a past life or on another occasion receiving a clear message concerning the future which then happens? All whilst being well. Interested in my experience?

  4. These discussions, to be rational, must begin with the NDE's which have elements of objective validation. Unless one wants to argue that every single one of these validations was spurious, all of these entirely physical explanations are moot. A person cannot see a tennis shoe on the outside ledge of a window in another part of a hospital, because of oxygen deprivation, drugs, or any other such physical cause. Neither can a congenitally blind person see–and have objective evidence of having seen–because of oxygen deprivation or drugs. It is the irrationality of people who will resort to such explanations, knowing full well that there are objective validations attached to a number of NDE accounts, which should be the focus of conversation.

  5. Good interview–thank you! We keep looking, but we may not find the answer. If it's physiological, an answer is more likely, but if it's spiritual probably not. Internally produced chemicals can result in hallucinations, but would those be so similar between people of different backgrounds and even different cultures? To me, that is the question.

  6. Yeeee!!! I love this channel!! I'm glad a brand new vid! I just went over Newton more yesterday and today. Debunked and unoriginal religion and such. Haha. Hopefully tea. #GoVegan ? Spiritual and science > Debunked religion and debunked material atheism. Newton. <3 Tom Campbell. <3

  7. I would say it takes much more. Heart has to stop and no brain activity. NDE's are caused by death of the body or immediate death of the body. I don't think humanity will ever understand precisely 'When' that occurs or 'Why' it occurs at that moment. Their is nothing to say, the soul of an individual can leave the body just before physical death will occur to protect the body. i.e. Falling off a very high cliff, knowing certain death is about to occur and the soul leaves the body. The brain still has oxygen, but the soul departs. (Hypothesis)
    Very few Doctors, (if any) will refute, that when one has an Flat line EEG. Their is not enough synaptic transmission (brain activity) and oxygen to promote the kind of organized consciousness one has in an NDE. Just not possible. Their has to be intelligence/consciousness with the soul and it 'knows' when to leave. Just my thoughts.

  8. An anesthesiologist friend of mine said he believes NDEs are genuine because the themes and elements of a NDE are similar across cultures and time. He said it’s impossible that experiencers are hallucinating the same things.

  9. LOKAH SAMASTAH SUKHINO BHAVANTU is a Sanskrit phrase that translates to "may all beings everywhere be happy and free and may the thoughts words and actions of my own life contribute in some way towards that happiness and freedom for all" ???????????????

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