WWE2K18 GAMEPLAY: The Rockers VS. The Natural Disasters [incl. Mods]

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► The Rockers VS. The Natural Disasters
► TIME: 15:50 min
► GAME: WWE 2K18 PC Version
► PC Version including the following Modifications:

• «THE ROCKERS» Sorry. This Mod is no longer available. The Creator of the Mod does not want any further Availability. I promised not to pass the Mod on either. Sorry, I can’t help you if you want the Mod.

• «JIMMY HART» was created by Leon Rick (http://smacktalks.org/forums/topic/68283-leon-2k18-mods-kamala/)

Music used: The End of Mankind by Per Kiilstofte
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International
Effects used: http://bestgreenscreen.de/
Coming Soon Animation http://givemefreeart.com


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  1. Earthquake knocking the ref down was funny anyway I really hate in the game when a little dude easily performs a move on a much bigger guy and I hate that there's a mini game to break a submission and then the guy just releases they should of added after u win the mini game the wrestler grabs the ropes.

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