The Most Famous Ghosts In American History

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Hauntings are not just scary stories anymore. Instead of mere campfire tales, they have now become a big part of American history and pop culture. We often see them in movies, on television, and experience their supposed presence in countless haunted attractions across the United States.

Tales of ghosts still do scare the wits out of us. Yet, they have also become famous figures with some fascinating, shocking, and of course, terrifying tales that tell their stories before and after their deaths. These are some of the most famous ghosts in American history.

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The Bell Witch | 0:00
Resurrection Mary | 1:23
Gray Man of Pawleys Island | 2:18
The Cottage City Poltergeist | 3:08
Lincoln in the White House | 4:18
The Amityville Haunting | 5:22
The Greenbrier Ghost | 6:50
Charles B. Rosna | 7:56
The Madonna of Bachelor’s Grove | 8:56
The Lemp Family’s haunted house | 9:46
Evelyn McHale | 10:34
Marilyn Monroe | 11:13

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  1. Sure is such thing of live its a such thing of death…And if a such thing of life there is a such thing of afterlife ..Also if there is a such thing of good there is such thing is evil…So the truth will always comes to the light.

  2. If Amityville house was not haunted then explain What made the oldest son to murder his family.. Some thing encourage him to killed them..That by its self is supernatural.

  3. If you like ghosts, go to New Orleans. Stayed there for a week on vacation when I was 12. God the feelings I’ve felt there are something else.

  4. I live in St . Louis. Have been to the Lemp mansion for dinner . Nothing happened to me , but I did get a strange feeling I was being watched while I was there. It was NOT from the staff or other guest either .

  5. I find it funny how ghosts are always portrayed wearing clothes when ghosts can't even take the clothes with them that they wore while they were alive in the flesh

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