Best of the Year 2020 | People Are Awesome | Feat. Gryffin & Audrey Mika

Best of the Year 2020 | People Are Awesome | Feat. Gryffin & Audrey Mika
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2020 was an incredibly challenging year for all of us. Through it all, our amazing community of athletes and creators still found ways to be AWESOME! We want to thank them and our viewers for staying positive and showing us the best of humanity.
Enjoy the very best of the best that we saw this year! Thanks to Gryffin & Audrey Mika for the great song, Safe With Me. Which clip was your favorite? Let us know in the comments.
Keep tuning in this month as we continue to highlight the Best of 2020!


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Safe With Me
Gryffin & Audrey Mika
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  1. We're kicking off our Best of the Year series with this amazing music video made from all you amazing people! 2020 may have been challenging, but we still accomplished so much! We're so thankful for all you awesome people. Which clip was your favorite?

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  3. I'm am embarrassed by the "Frontline Healthcare Workers who tirelessly exhaust themselves risking their lives battling this horrible virus to save the lives of so many…….. dancing.
    Just like the trucks that ran the streets of N.Y. blaring Sinatra's New York New York, all while the weaponized media ran lie after lie.
    The Psy-op is so obvious, it is inconceivable so many are taken in by it. Awake O'sleeper.

  4. 0:54 the guy in the rafts. My wife and I stopped at the edge of that river to let our dog run around and we so happen to see this guy floating down the river. Once in a life time catch!! It was awesome to see. We were standing in the back left corner of him in amazement!!!!! It was in Rogue City Oregon!!!!

  5. Those dancing nurses seem a little happy for dealing with overwhelmed hospitals, and people dying left and right. It is impressive that they have enough energy left to perfectly choreograph those videos.??

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