NFL Hospital Passes

NFL Hospital Passes
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  1. It’s so fucked to think there were several humans on this planet that were very excited to see desean Jackson get hurt to help better they chance to beat they’re step cousin in fantasy football that week.

  2. Collie is still down. Word is they just dug him a shallow hole to throw him in, cuz Peyton couldn’t call the appropriate audible to the colts medical team

  3. Man it’s amazing Austin Collie still had a decent career despite many concussions he retired in 2016. Thank goodness hope he’s well along with many others who play this fierce game.

  4. It's a shame that players go down with injuries like that but people (league officials included) keep forgetting that Football is a Full Contact sport! Shit can go down! The Players know this. It's what they signed up for when they agree to play in the NFL. Yes, it's a good idea to have some limits here and there. Especially when a dirty player intentionally tries to injure another player even after a play is over. That shit is indeed uncalled for. But when there's a clean hit on a player and they go down, just let it go! If they go down with an injury even with a clean hit, too bad so sad, it comes with the territory. Dirty hits, yes penalize them but don't penalize the clean hits. This is Football, this isn't golf or ballet.

  5. Lots of knock outs here, when their arms go stiff, elbows bent or not they are unconscious,, their brain has taken damage and is firing all over the place. Brains is saying wtf just happened and am I still working? I wish they would say so during the game, easy call, easy to see for these guys who call games every Sunday, but the NFL would have that guy in the both fired or worse, still can't call it as it is. The big white front office cares not that players kill themselves because they can't control to themselves, can't remember. Slavemasters

  6. that steelers defense just played straight up stupid… its not even hard defense.. its just putting others lives' at risk.. polamalu was the biggest knucklehead

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