Baby Seal Rescued From Deep Cut

Baby Seal Rescued From Deep Cut
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The rescuers from OCN had a busy morning at Pelican Point. Wally was still wearing a sleeve to support his arm from the recent humpback whale rescue as a precaution, he is much better already.

They spot an entangled seal close to the water. While the Denzil secures this seal in the net, Wally spots another one, but he is too big for today as the rescuers have only one big net available. Kat finds the next entangled seal close to the water and Denzil uses the baby net to catch it – and Wally manages to catch a third entangled seal!

One of the rescued seals was very deeply cut by fishing line. The plastic was removed and the salt water will hopefully support the healing process. Deep entanglements like this one are often caused by thin fishing line and they are hard to spot unless the injury is visible.

Only two of the seals were new rescues, one was a recapture, which shows us that many of our rescues survive.
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  1. Its interesting that you're seeing recapture. And how well they are recovering from a previous entanglement. Its just more proof that the oceans salt water and some time is healing them up enough that all they have left is a scare thats obvious enough to be spotted thinking its a entanglement.

  2. Thank you for rescuing all the pups, OCN! Much love from Malaysia. ??How many do the team rescue in a day on average? Also, how long does it take for the pups to return to the beach after running into the water? Do they return or just stay away?

  3. I wonder if they have a huge container that they keep all the netting and other items they take off the seals as a show to what crap is in the oceans.

  4. Is there anyway that you can do some sort of topical antibiotic ointment you can put on the really deep wounds to help kick start the healing process?

  5. Thankyou for saving these beautiful animals. The 2nd one was so tiny and had already been entangled its so sad but thankful you guys are therr to help

  6. Do you ever have an injury so bad you have to take the seal to a Vet instead of releasing it? It's good most of the injuries can be heald by the ocean.

  7. WIth all the time you guys spend out there, you'd think by now the seals would be like, it's cool, do your thing, thanks for the help.

  8. Wow….busy day at the office today! Those single fishing lines are soooo terrible!!!!!! Imagine how painful with every movement cutting deeper. i cringe when I see the line getting pulled out! i shudder to think how those poor seals suffer so. Luckily the Salt Water Pharmacy is readily available 24-7. I have a friend who fishes here in Rhode island (We are called, "The Ocean State") and she told me that she sees marine life entangled in fishing lines. I never gave that a thought before I came to know OCN. I can't even imagine what untold horror goes on all over the planet. The Seal Whisperers dedication and perseverance is really humbling. These videos are an integral part of my day. i can't throw enough bouquets at their feet.

  9. Damn that seal in the beginning with that huge cut. Do those usually heal over time quick? Can't imagine what it's like having a string tied to my body and not being able to pull it out as I grow. Thanks for the hard work!

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