10 Cutest Exotic Animals You Can Own As Pets

10 Cutest Exotic Animals You Can Own As Pets
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There’s nothing like having a cute cat or dog companion to keep you company and turn a few heads on your next stroll to the park. But how about something ten times cuter and way more exotic like a fluffy Fennec Fox, a goofy-looking Crested Gecko, or the irresistible Chinchilla? Or how about you skip the hamster wheel and instead adopt a dog-sized rodent like the Australian Capybara? It may sound crazy at first, but with a little extra effort and prep work, these are just some of the bizarre and adorable animals that could realistically become your next pet.

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Wombats make for seriously interesting pets! Just check out this little one who thinks it’s a dog:m Yes, they are wild animals, and yes, they are an endangered species. But there are no laws against owning them in several countries, including the United States. So… why not? If you do get one, just make sure you train it not to bite, as wombats can become somewhat aggressive if not properly domesticated and fed. Just check out this guy trying to feed a grumpy farting wombat his lunch Okay, if that didn’t win your heart over, just watch the wombat fly. Wait–did someone say fly?

Yup. Despite their bulky bodies and complete lack of aerodynamic features, these round and fluffy animals actually inflate themselves by hyperventilating and then travel from branch to branch almost like a furry balloon of some kind. Okay, so it’s more like gliding, and they’re definitely no athletes like the awesome sugar glider or the similar flying squirrel, but they DO have these cute little pouches where they keep their babies just like kangaroos, because, well, they’re marsupials too. And who doesn’t want to own a wannabe-flying kangaroo? That’s right, nobody.

Fennec Fox

Alright, let’s scratch the fluffy flying kangaroo idea for a minute. If you never quite figured whether you’re the cat or dog type, how about something in the middle? Something a lot fluffier, way more exotic, and with ears far more adorable than any bunny rabbit could ever have? As if foxes weren’t cute enough, we give you the Fennec Fox! Somewhat related to dogs, the fennec fox comes from the African continent and is the smallest breed of a fox in the world, only reaching about four pounds when fully grown.

But the same cannot be said about the size of those fluffy ears! These little guys can be just as playful and energetic as a dog, but can be equally as independent as a cat, and won’t go howling the second you leave them home alone for a few hours. This exotic animal can live up to 15 years and can legally become your companion in most of America, with the exception of a few states. But hey, if you’re dying to own one that bad, you can always just move to another state.

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  1. How many of them are killed to bring you a single specimen? We're causing wildlife to become extinct by our unreasonable demand for a new pet who belongs in the wild! Wake up! If you love animals then stop helping poaches kill them to bring you a few that survive the trip!

  2. As I sat there scratching my ass, and spying on my neighbor washing her beaver, one thing crossed my mind.

    We have really weird pets in my neighborhood.

  3. The crested gecko is one of my favorites! I have one and they are so sweet and cute! You don’t need a big tank for them only a 20 gallon tall and you can handle them so easily!! Crested geckos love there owners and they eat fruit mix!! So adorable!!

  4. I like this video!
    All facts, no clickbait and all the animals here are not the same ones from all the other videos and there is nothing like bears or tigers on This list it is all animals that some people can keep. This video also does not promote bad animal care and recognizes the challenges that come with taking care of exotic animals


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