Ultimate driving fails compilation 2021 | Car Crashes, Bad Drivers. #20

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This video features driving fails, Car Crashes, Road fails, hit & run, Rear ends, instant karma, bad drivers, and car fails caught on dashcam from the USA, Canada, and all over the world.
Take this video as a learning tool and learn how to drive safely.

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  1. The common theme here is that all of these accidents were caused by drivers who were unconscious behind the wheel. All of them were unreasonably stupid accidents. They just drive like no one else is on the road. What's worse is how many drivers blow by after witnessing the accident instead of stopping to help. As bad as the Russian accident videos are, people always stop.

  2. Too many impatient dipshits that gotta make those yellow lights. A lot of unnecessary casualties involved from dumb drivers that could have been avoided.

  3. Americans drivers at intersections are usually bad. Instead of slowing down at intersections, they drive full speed. Even if its your right of way, you just slow down.

  4. What the heck was up with the lady 7:30? She's at a stop, then drives straight forward into the stopped car in front of her – twice. There is some story behind that.

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