This Guy Rescues Dogs From Torture And Slaughter In Asia

This Guy Rescues Dogs From Torture And Slaughter In Asia
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“If I don’t do it, nobody else is going to.”

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Playful Days
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Marc Ching, Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation

A dog looks out from its cage
Johannes Eisele / Getty Images
Vendors wait for customers
Cooked dogs await customers
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  1. Asia here means china ?? we indians love dogs ? they are a wonderful creation of God who takes care of humans as we do. China will be removed soon from the earth

  2. bro hes strong u better take some big guys with u takin the slaughterhouse workers out just attack without warning in the night for my opinion u can not win this war with love u can just win it with brutality

  3. I am only 13 but when I grow up hopefully there will be no more eating dogs cats horses or any animal like that, but it there is I will try to do the same as this man and his crew

  4. God bless this man for doing this because dogs are beautiful creatures why would anyone slaughter dogs for meat whats wrong with this world we are living in we are living in a cruel world right now im just glad this man saved these dogs from the slaughter house

  5. Mmarc ching is a proven fake, actually torturing animals himself and paying people to abuse dogs, and then filing them? We should abuse him, so he know how it feels.

  6. You are the best kind of human being. Saving these wonderful dogs from people who just want to hurt. God bless you and please please keep helping these beautiful dogs. Stop the abuse. Please stop the abuse. Eileen

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