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  1. Wonderful movie… but a few observations… I am really surprised that as a bush pilot for…12 years?…He knows diddly squat about survival. You'd think he'd at east carry some survival gear aboard his plane. I mean, like, trying to light matches during a rain storm? Trying to shoot flying birds while he's running?

  2. This girl saved him with all of her skills, he would never have survived without her. I hope he smacks that jerk in the face when he gets back home ????

  3. I lost interest during the Hollywood crash part. As a pilot if you lose an engine you find the best place to land and gently as possible put it down. The whole crash debacle was not close to reality. Next the temper tantrum was about as stupid. All the float bush pilots I know wear thigh waders. Getting wet stays with you a long time when it’s cold. Staying dry is important.

  4. I think one lesson here can be if you're a Pilot always stick to your flight path or plan… don't veer off it. or ya might never get rescued..

  5. 1 day after a plane crash a 20 year old indigenous girl slays and de pelts animals and cobbles shoes with tools she just happens to have had packed in her deathbed on the way to treatment by plane for TB severely ill… Guy gets injured and in the days he is out the gild catches rats to eat , cobbled shoes , sewed his shoes and washed clothes in 3 days and suddenly speaks English enough to learn songs and ask about his love life … GOOFY writing on a cool idea but dumb entertainment. Thank you for the upload

  6. It must have been the Inuit tradition (for most?) that they leave as Kannelaq and her mother did, to sacrifice for others.) I mean when she leaves healthy Charlie with all the food, etc and she goes away to die, and as he left alone at the end, Kannalaq was not far away, in her condition, perhaps dead already…the beautiful lovely, disciplined, selfless girl lying just so many feet away from the tent where he slept warmly. She had given him all things possible for him to live and had she went on her own I believe she would have found some who would have spent all their time getting her to a place to get well.
    I am sure any help she found would not have been full of temper and dawdled while this angel weakened day by day. I can imagine well what he'd be if he was the one needing a doctor and she did the dawdling and the many nasty temper episodes. He'd remind her daily he was dying, etc. In ways it is an accurate story of the real world, where the good die young and the others live on, evil and wrong triumphing once more.

  7. I can't even begin to explain what this did to my heart…. this is one of the most beautiful, touching movies on youtube! Brothers & sisters we are and yes, we do need each other! For me, this is an unforgettable story of kindness and compassion. Many lessons to be learned through our struggles in life. Many make us stronger & wiser and are experiences we cherish throughout the rest of our lives!
    Lakota Prayer

    Wakan Tanka,

    Great Mystery (Great Spirit),

    Teach me how to trust my heart,

    Teach me how to trust my mind,

    Teach me how to trust my intuition,

    Teach me how to trust my inner knowing,

    The senses of my body,

    The blessings of my spirit.

    Teach me to trust these things

    so that I may enter my Sacred Space

    and love beyond my fear

    and thus Walk in Balance

    with the passing of each glorious Sun.

    Lakota Wisdom

    Honor the sacred

    Honor the Earth, our Mother

    Honor the Elders

    Honor all with whom we share the Earth



    Winged ones



    Plant and rock people

    Walk in balance and beauty.

  8. A great movie. Enjoyed the acting and the way the tale unfolded. Kanaalaq was the gold standard of a human being. I set my sights towards her selfless, beautiful example.??

  9. This is a classic example of the butt you kick on the way up is the same butt you will kiss on the way down. I know to many this movie is nothing. Really, see the life lesson in this.
    Bravo to all for this movie

  10. Human Kindness comes in many mysterious ways ❣️ Her gentle kindness brought out his kindness! ❤️ He found peace in HIMSELF!
    Beautiful music. Watched this one year ago and found that I am still here enjoying this video.

  11. Shows us we don’t alway know as much as we think we do! The spirit world and GOD are always watching over us and are in control!

  12. Barry Pepper's greatest role. I have watched this flick a dozen times. I worked in Western Alaska, up and down the Kuskokwim, Yukon, Noatak and Kobuk rivers and became friends with many awesome Eskimo. The elders have a lot of stoic wisdom and I think of them often.

  13. Alaska mosquitos are no joke. The bite come up the size of golf ball and lasts for few days. The worst is it bites through your cloths and relentless.

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