Street Food Tour – FRIED CHILI CHICKEN!! ?️ Giant Chinese Food at the GOLDEN TRIANGLE!

Street Food Tour - FRIED CHILI CHICKEN!! ?️  Giant Chinese Food at the GOLDEN TRIANGLE!
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GOLDEN TRIANGLE (Chiang Rai เชียงราย,, Thailand) – Welcome to the Golden Triangle, a strategic area in Southeast Asia where the borders of Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar, all come together, separated by rivers. It’s a bit of an infamous region of the world, due to its history of drug trafficking and the production of opium poppy. However, many of the Hill Tribe communities within Thailand have given up growing opium now and instead grow coffee or tea. #ChiangRai #Thailand #streetfood

Today, we’re going on a Thai and Chinese street food tour of the Golden Triangle area of Thailand. First, we’ll start by touring the Golden Triangle park and area, and getting an up close view of the region. Then to really find delicious street food, you need to go downstream a few kilometers to the biggest main town called Chiang Saen (เชียงแสน). I really loved this town, so peaceful and quiet, and right along the banks of the Mekong River. There happens to be an amazing Chinese food restaurant, and some fantastic street food in the evening along the river.

Kiao Siang Hai Restaurant (ร้านอาหารเกี้ยวเซี่ยงไฮ้) – When you’re in Chiang Saen at the Golden Triangle, this restaurant is a must. They serve properly good and comforting Chinese food, with a mix, but mainly Sichuan style Chinese food. I read in Lonely Planet, that this restaurant is very popular especially with Chinese boat crews who are sailing down the Mekong River (though not at the time of filming this video as the border of Thailand were still closed). Food was outstanding, and I especially loved the deep fried chili chicken.
Total price – 1,230 THB ($41.14) for everything

Mekong dinner street food – After a fantastic afternoon in Chiang Saen, visiting some of the historical monuments, we then headed back to the Mekong Riverside for dinner. In the evening you’ll find a bunch of street food stall, that all pretty much have the same menu of pounded salads, freshwater shrimp, Mekong River fish, and the highlight – snake head fish roasted in bamboo. Food was delicious, and the atmosphere was so perfect on the Mekong River. An amazing meal and time to relax.
Total price – 540 THB ($18.06)

The Golden Triangle is a very unique area to visit in Thailand, with so much history to learn about. I would recommend staying and eating through Chiang Saen when you’re in the area.

Thank you for watching this Chinese and Thai street food tour at the Golden Triangle!



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  1. Between you & Trevor James, you both make me want to be a better person with your positivity and social skills. Your videos transcend food content for me, so thank you, Mark!

  2. It's not unusual for China to flood a country its interested in to conquer or weaken with opium. This drug will undermine the will of the people if a large part of the population is addicted. The Fentanyl epidemic in the U.S.A. is a good example of this tactic. A godless country like China is not restricted by any moral code or ethics.

  3. Mark. That chili oil must be as HOT AS HELL. How can you just eat a d tablespoon full of that stuff. You have a cast iron stomach as well as an asbestos sphincter.

  4. How dangerous are certain parts of the Golden Triangle and the river if there's a large amount of opium production and trafficking in the area?

  5. Beautiful place we visit chaing khong and Wiang Kaen to visit family all beautiful areas on the Mekong river. lovely video mark missing the place lots

  6. That water looks like ? water lol jk but when you were eating fish ? the water look good it’s beautiful.. Mark please shave ? your facial your facial hair.. you look more handsome when you don’t have facial hair love your Mark Wiens ❣️ you said you didn’t order that much for dinner ?? but you did tho.. did you even finished all your food from lunch ? ? ? lol I wanna see clean plate after all the food you ate lol ? dang what’s wrong with me I’m being too blunt lol

  7. Mark Mark. Your videos are great. Like you I fell in love with Andrew Zimmern 10 years ago. I couldn't wait for his videos. Your are great but you need to broaden them with a little more history of the area you are in. Not a ton but more then you do now. You are really honest with your comments on the food you are eating. That's the problem …the videos are getting repeditive. Still great but somewhat the same.

    Greatt stuffff. Keep eating

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