Street Food Jungle!! AMAZING THAI FOOD + Grilled Chicken in Tropical Paradise!

Street Food Jungle!! AMAZING THAI FOOD + Grilled Chicken in Tropical Paradise!
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Phatthalung (พัทลุง), Thailand – Welcome to Phatthalung (พัทลุง) one of the best and most relaxing and green tropical provinces in Thailand. The culture is so laid back and the food is spicy and some of my favorites in Thailand too.

Today we’re going on a jungle street food tour of Tainod Green Market (หลาดใต้โหนด, which is this amazing local market where you’ll find everything from cooked southern Thai food to market fresh ingredients to southern Thai culture. You don’t want to miss the amazing food selection. Here’s what I ate:

Chicken – 15 Baht ($0.48) per piece – This was honestly some of the best grilled chicken I’ve had in a long time. It was so perfectly flavorful and rich, and smoky.

Rice and curry – 50 THB ($1.59) – Can’t ever beat a plate of rice and curry when you’re in Phatthalung (พัทลุง), just the best, it’s a meal I never get tired of.

Rice noodles – 15 THB ($0.48) – Next up for a plate of freshly made khanom jeen rice noodles. The southern Thai curries are pungent and spicy.

Arenga pinnata palm fruit (ลูกชก) – Another snack you’ll find is the jelly fruit from a palm tree called the Arenga pinnata. Unique and very good.

Fried cempedak – 20 THB ($0.64) – Next up for one of the greatest deep fried fruits in the world. It’s not a jackfruit, but a cempedak, which is common in southern Thailand and Malaysia. It’s so good, and almost has a natural honey juiciness to it. When you open a cempedak, if you do it correctly – I haven’t done it correctly many times, it opens so the skin peels and all the fruit remains on the core. Deep fried is heaven.

Snakefruit – 20 THB ($0.64) – Finally to complete this Thai jungle street food tour at Tainod Green Market (หลาดใต้โหนด) I had a bowl of peeled snake fruit. I loved the natural packaging.

It’s an amazing market, one of my favorite markets in all of Thailand. The atmosphere, the greenness, and the delicious Thai food is what makes it spectacular.



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  1. I always enjoy your video's a lot but I finally have the courage to ask you some questions.
    1. How the heck can you eat THAT spicy and still taste all the different spices. I mean, with the amount of Chili oil or powder you use … If I would do that, all my taste buts would be burned of my tongue hahaha
    2. Please give me your secret for staying so slim, you eat huge amounts of food and look at you! You have the perfect figure.
    3.When I go to other countries they always tell me NOT to eat from street food vendors because of poor hygiene or different bacteria we are not used to. Do you ever get sick or are you used to it.

  2. Iove mark. Been watching hes videos for years. Im so sick of him with the thai land crap all the time!!!! Come to america for more than a day!! And anywhere else!!!! Hell greenland, australia, dumb as canada!! Anywhere else!!! Please!!!!

  3. I sxually Identify as a Mark Wiens. Ever since I was a boy I dreamed of visiting third world countries and eating delicious food in front of poor, disgusting foreigners. People say to me that a person being a Mark Wiens is Impossible and I'm fckng retarded but I don't care, I'm beautiful and full of great foods. I'm having a plastic surgeon install short black hair, sociopath eyes and a 5/10 Asian wife to follow me around. From now on I want you guys to call me "Mark" and respect my right eat food in poor areas. If you can't accept me you're a Wienophobe and need to check your foodie privilege. Thank you for being so understanding.

  4. Hey Mark….I’m watching ur videos more then a year …All the content , editing and sceneries photos looks very beautiful… I love ? your channel..Keep adding more video on from India…

  5. I just come across your channel and I don't think I've ever enjoyed watching a person enjoy food, your expression's are everything. Great channel

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  7. The natural surrounding of This green market place is so amazing n refreshing…malaysia should have this kind of permanent market setting …that would really be cool…???

  8. Hola Mark, Ying & lil Micah. We just found you this year & we are sooooo very grateful in doing so. We love your spirit, your joy of food, your precious familia n how Micah has acclimated to traveling with his Momma n Poppa. Bless you for the videos of how you began & etc. I am of Mexican ethnic, American born n husband is from West Africa, Nigeria & we or rather husband primarily now does most of the cooking. Watching your videos adds so much to our love for food as well. Gracias for your passion n may Padre God continue to Bless you, your lovely familia, keep you safe n well. Hugs from us both, Martina & Femi

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