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  1. Its retarded when they think the need to pass up trucks flying by them at 80 plus mph just for an exit. Like cmon are you distracted as shit?

  2. Truck driver, you must maintain your lane. You hit the person that made the error and it stays there fault you take over another lane and hit someone else that's now your fault. Also causes a chain reaction involving more vehicles and increasing the chances of major injuries, damage and death. You can see there was another semi on his left that almost hit him. That would have been way worse

  3. That’s why it’s important to have a camera a good camera not a piece of crap from amazon that doesn’t work when you get hit and a hole drives away ?

  4. I don't understand why it's so difficult for people to go to the next exit. I've seen a lot of these. They usually make a dangerous exit maneuver. It's not the end of the world to come back from the next exit.

  5. I have seen idiots just stop on the interstate because they missed their exit …hell I saw one dumbass back up ON THE DAMN INTERSTATE HIGHWAY because they missed their exit!

  6. I was behind a out of state car in Florida. He didn't have the electronic pass in his car. When he realized he was in the do not stop lane for the people with passes he stopped and backed up on a busy tollway in Tampa during rush hour.

  7. I see idiots all the time on LA freeways, but that one takes the Cake. I often wonder how these people get through life

  8. One time I saw someone driving into an exit, stop, backup, and turn out of the exit.

    I was heading towards the exit and had to completely stop on this main road, because my car was already on the path into the exit.

  9. Both driver was dumb. And I dont get, why the orther Truck drove in the middle line, in Germany we drive on the right side, much safer. The Truck driver put 3 ppl in danger aswell, you should brake in this situation.

  10. IQ should be a prerequisite for many things in life, especially driving. If you're not abive average, you're already dangerous, bc average is remarkably low.

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