Street Food in Malaysia – The EGG FRY NINJA + HUGE Street Food Tour of Melaka, Malaysia!!!

Street Food in Malaysia - The EGG FRY NINJA + HUGE Street Food Tour of Melaka, Malaysia!!!
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Get ready for a Street food tour of Melaka, Malaysia!!!
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Today we’re bringing YOU for a FULL ON street food tour of Melaka, Malaysia!
Prepare yourself for some of the BEST street food in Asia!! You’re going to love these street food videos on my channel (The Food Ranger), so make sure to click the subscribe button to see more of these food vlogs!

Today, I’m (Trevor James, The Food Ranger) traveling along with my wife Ting and bringing you in for a FULL ON street food tour of Melaka, Malaysia! This is the home of NYONYA cuisine and so much more!

Today we’re bringing you in for 5 street foods in Melaka! And first up, we’re starting off with a FAMOUS Malaysian breakfast dish with so many EGGS and ROTI, the EGG FRY NINJA Roti Canai!!! This was incredibly delicious, made with sambal, dal, roti, eggs, and also a very delicious NASI LEMAK!!!
►Restaurant name: Shop Name: roti canai kayu arang

After this , we’re bringing you in for a famous Malaysian street food in Melaka, the NYONYA laksa!! This is a NEXT level noodle dish made with the richest curry, NYONYA style! Full of so many tropical herbs, it’s so aromatic!!
►Restaurant name: Shop Name: nyonya delight

And then after this, we’re bringing you to a FAMOUS street drink in Melaka, the COOLEST watermelon hack technique! You need to see this!!
►Shop name: Shop Name: Cendol Jam Besar Bandar Hilir Melaka

And next up, we’re bringing you in for another famous street food in Melaka, the Putu Piring! Rice flour and gula melaka combine together to make the sweetest and most fluffy dessert made in the most satisfying to watch way!
Shop Name: Putu Piring Generasi Ke 3 Limbongan

And to finish up, we’re bringing you for a fried noodle mee goreng dish with the BIGGEST SOTONG squid made with a ROJAK sauce!!!
Shop Name: warung hijau rojak sotong


I hope you enjoyed this video, more of a street food tour than a Buzzfeed video!!!

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  1. I hope you enjoy the video!!! And that you're staying safe and healthy and happy during these times! We are at home in Kuala Lumpur now and have been living here already for one year! Time goes fast! We are going to keep creating videos for you in Malaysia after the semi-lockdown ends here in Kuala Lumpur, and for the time being are staying at home indoors. We have one more video from Melaka left and then we will maybe do a home tour video as we moved to a new place a couple of months ago and would love to show you! We also just got a puppy called Muffin, a corgi! Life is changing for us as we've spent the last 6 years as full time travelers and haven't had a real home life, which we are enjoying now while the pandemic is going on. After the world goes back to normal, we will continue traveling around the world and have a friend come stay at our place to look after our puppy 🙂 That's the life update! Haha! Hope you're well and thanks for watching!

  2. Melaka…Very Special Place..Like the wording Welcome..Dont Mess wit Melacca.. everything u need to treasure inside.. Everything is so Special.. The people..Food.. culture.. really Enjoyed c ur video n thnk for sharing.. I'm proud To be Msian

  3. So funny watching my dude eat cause literally every bite he takes no matter what it is has the same intense wide eyed surprised reactions as if he ate the best thing in the world, lol.
    I would love to have taste buds like that where everything is a mouth orgasm

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