Jane Goodall on Role Zoos Play in Saving Wild Animals

Jane Goodall on Role Zoos Play in Saving Wild Animals
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In an interview with UC Davis’ Paul Pfotenhauer, chimpanzee conservationist Jane Goodall talks about how some zoos are helping raise funding and awareness of the need to preserve native habitat for wild animals.


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  1. She is a gift to the WORLD. Thank God she is sharing her wisdom. Maybe….just maybe…the tide towards conservation, education will turn and people will ban together to make the planet a better place. I HOPE!!!

  2. To me it seems that all carnivorous evolved into nothing else ..than serial murderers of the animal kingdom! – Since it's a fairly disconcerting matter, causing lots of confusion/ controversy, I did a bit of deep philosophical pondering about what's right/ wrong in this regard:
    Evolution made all species (incl. us) choose an evolutionary path, for evolution is about changes/ adaptation for (mostly) the better! Hence, my observation and reasoning is that the evolution path of of humans progressed successfully, whereas the evolutionary path of carnivorous animals became gradually outdated! – It's a bit like with the lifestyle of murderers, for they too developed a lifestyle of morbid tactics in order to satisfy their perverse desires.
    Im Brehms Tierleben I read that leopard enjoy falling into a blood rush…killing up to forty sheep only licking their blood without eating a bit of their flesh. The very same "blood-rush" behavior enjoy hyenas, by crushing the sculls of as many baby seal they encounter and then abandoning them.
    Worst of all, many carnivorous animals now dismember their victims alive, for now they evolved into "talented assassins"! Since their cruelty is unlimited, how can any animal-conservationist/ -lover tolerate or even support this type of behavior?
    I don't know about you, but to me that says a lot about the evolution of carnivorous animals has gone wrong!! – Since their evolution misled them to virtually enjoy this morbid lifestyle, we (higher evolved species) are entitled to treat them, like we treat our mentally handicapped criminals, by locking them up in a safe, comfortable enclosure, such as zoos and parks, offering them veterinary care and security, where they won't harm anyone anymore. – There they live peacefully and longer, too (like me!) and are fed humanely slaughtered meat or meat of died animals.
    For Millenniums the lifestyle of wild animals was correct, under the given conditions. Also, our human caveman mentality of hunters & gatherers was right, too.
    The even bigger problem is that now the world has changed, rendering the lifestyle of wild animals increasingly unsustainable, because humans won the evolution race and need more space and natural resources.
    Since the evolution of wild animals is unable to adapt to present conditions, we are the only specie able to help them to do so. – Thus now for all animals it's a matter of change/adapt or be changed/adapted! I.e. they need to reduce their numbers to a sustainable level, which secures their survival and we offer them veterinary care and zoological gardens, where they live happier and longer. Our Labs are able to create antibiotics to save human lives and rescue wild animals. So, I suggest not to rely on wild animals to rescue us, for they only enjoy torturing and devouring us piece by piece alive and then viruses finish them up, too. – Feel free to ignore my insight and join the ranks of animal conservationists, who prefer to foster and perpetuate intolerable animal suffering. Incidentally, Isis fosters the very same mentality?

  3. Interviewer: Zoos have a mandate to be a conservation organization, are they fulfilling that?
    Jane: "Some are, some aren't…I'm not going into all the names. For one thing I can't remember them, but…"
    Truth: #CaptivityKills  but I have a Chimpanzoo program.

  4. "What is the value of survival if it is at the price of your liberty?"

    Umm, survival is EVERYTHING to most people and animals. It is the whole reason all lifeforms do what they do. It is survival and reproduction that is the main key. We in the developed world take survival for granted, when to the animal kingdom it is the powering force.
    Plus zoos can be made humane.

  5. I thought Jane Goodall had a deeper respect for animals, and a deeper knowledge of what zoos are truely doing. Less horrific is considered good enough; would it be enough for you? What is the value of survival if it is at the price of your liberty? And look at the efficiency of zoos in conservation, they often are deleterious.

  6. @Missrainbowmuffin
    It seems you think Jane has passed away? As far as i can tell she is alive and well as of today. It will be a sad day for animal conservation when she is no longer with us.

  7. @thegoochieguy Yeah i love how she pushes the word "some" when stating their satisfy some of the animals basic needs. Gosh if only she was still around…She even states elephants, wolves and dolphins should NOT be in zoos! For good reasons too, and I still agree with her even today 😀

    Zoos still arent perfect, but I hope we can change for the better and learn from real heroes like Goodall

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