Insane Wreck! | Boat Fails of the Week

Insane Wreck! | Boat Fails of the Week
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Its Monday which means its time for Boat Fails of the Week!

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Check out this classic episode featuring an adventurous Russian boat rental company…

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00:00 That thing runs skinny! @laurie lefort hohensee
00:08 Hang in there @jakedooway
00:11 Dangit Becky! @johanhessman
00:25 Welp no more TV @scotty john
00:44 You scratched my anchor! @k3vin_j4mes
01:25 Beach boys @tom robichaud
02:06 Docking fail @saltyseahunt
02:16 Out of control! @lucroteau
02:32 Not gonna make the Olympic team ๐Ÿ™‚ @pk_88
02:42 Going down? @eelaxxx tiktok @_elax_ IG
02:57 Comin’ in hot! @puffinquest
03:28 Lift failure? @carsonands
03:37 Prop dryer @scott macdonald
03:43 Just turn the wheel?! @boatingidiots
03:58 She got the trailer! @estefaniaanne
04:07 Hung up! @jtron9
04:28 A historic moment gone wrong @hotskullg6ixx
05:09 MEMES

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  1. 3:45 is the classic case of 'bite the bullet and know you are taking a minor side hit', slight reverse, let the pilon and the current turn your bow the way you are wanting while you switch from reverse to forward and slowly ease out of there with only needing a piece of rub rail at the most. Instead 'freaking out' and double smacking 10x harder than the current would have done drifting into the wood pilon would have.

  2. Excuse my language but what in the fuck are some of these people thinking. I am sorry I have to subscribe now, there is just no fucken way around it. And if happen to read this out to your kids just tell them earmuffs ??

  3. I personally saw the boat hanging over bridge (Leeville, La). DONโ€™T drink and drive!!! Especially while towing a boat!

  4. Moral of the story: The best boat is your friends boat. Pay for the gas, buy the beer, laugh at his jokes & let him take care of the rest.

  5. That large boat docking . Was coming in hot. It is a shame the captain had zero throttle control. Slamming into rev and forward. Will always end in failure.

  6. So many unqualified people in control of boats. There should be required training and licenses for all boaters.. Almost everywhere else in the world has required training.

  7. The girl that fell in one of the first video people just stared no one ran to see if she was ok, people today are worthless.

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