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Hello to everyone and welcome to Videoholic!

On this channel we’re working on the goal to bring you the most entertaining, funny and fail moments, covering Work Fails, Fails on the Road trends and more. We’re sharing videos, and unique slices of every day funny and fail situations hoping to become the central hub or key point of reference for all the viewers with affinity for this type of videos.
All of our videos are created with one purpose in mind – to make you smile and entertained. I personally have a great love for fail video category, so tend to focus on fails at work and fails on the road. All of our videos are created primarily by using the video editing programs like After Effects, Filmora, Movavi and Photoshop for thumbnail enhancements or captions. If you enjoy our work then check out some of our playlists too, where you can enjoy the best videos in a row. The used audio is from the Youtube audio library and the videos are made under fair use policy.


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