Unbelievable Animal Rescues That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Unbelievable Animal Rescues That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity
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Lots of animals have been rescued in the most amazing ways. Lets find out about the most amazing animal rescues.
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  1. when I was 5 – 7 years old, I once found a baby turtle upside down in my backyard. Which was odd since my backyard was gated and the nearest pond was a block down the street. I ended up picking up the turtle and put him in said pond. I hope that little dude is doing alright.

  2. 7:50 is 99.999% staged. like I saw that, like, exact bridge and dog in a video about animal "Rescues on YT

    and 6:00 is no better! In the same trilogy of exposing animal abusers doing fake rescues vids and I see that exact cat in the exact same situation!

  3. I don't think the dolfins where died. Because my goldfish don't die when jumps from my aquarium. I try to pick up for 2 minutes
    . After all dolfins are big fishes. I don't think the die.

  4. But the B100s except their friends hit the deck and these easian regions are made of nations that are Indonesia, Thailand Vietnam (those damn commies), Malaysia, Burma"Myanmar" and parts of Bangladesh and India

  5. My lays cat diesel had a part of her ear burned off from a house fire and something brown (not a type of hertochromia to abstract she has different colored eyes anyway) in her eye and I have seen the cat clip when they drink the coffee is so cute

  6. the tar over puppy is a fake recuse, they grab stray pups and shove them in pipes, drown them, burry them, theres a few 3rd world channels that often using the same pups again and again, you really need to take this video down.

  7. the puppy from the tube is a fake rescue, many 3rd world channels harm stray dogs, burying, stuffing their heads in things, throwing them in rivers, often recuing the same pups again and again, most of these channels get taken down, you probably should take out the pup from this video as it encourages the scam of these other channels.

  8. I mean… yeah some people are really nice to save all those animals but it’s also mostly human who put those animals in those conditions

  9. Hi to the maybe 2 people that see this have a wonderfull day and also stay safe
    If u want u can sub to me im tryna get to 1000 subs to go live on mobole but if u dont want to that is totally fine once again have a good day.

  10. When I was a kid I was 11yr old and saw a dirty kitten that Is on a street that is usually used by cars, thankfully
    I was biking around to noticed it and I had no gloves or equipments, so I carefully approach the kitten because we'll rabies, and so I picked it up i carefully and put it on the side of the street, that is her/his home a k a the jungle that her/his parents home so I put it beside her parents and left and when I came back she/he was with her family walking around, I felt good about that….

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