Top 10 most amazing animal rescues of 2020 – Takis Shelter

Top 10 most amazing animal rescues of 2020  - Takis Shelter
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Top 10 most amazing animal rescue transformation videos of 2020
Animals can truly transform if they are given proper environment and lots of love…Dogs that are aggressive, abused, neglected, abandoned… In Greece there are many cases of mistreatment, abuse and neglect. Takis shelter believes in all these dogs and gives them a second chance. Takis rescues and takes in animals that others would put down. And they prove him right!! Here are the 10 most amazing transformations that animals performed in 2020 in Takis Shelter. It’s been a difficult year for everyone because of the coronavirus pandemic and it has been difficult for animals too.

No chain. No cage. No kill. – Takis Shelter

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  1. ??? I don't know why … these nice animals such as big trouble for mankind … it's hurting my heart to watch them all in the terrible condition … Thank God … still remain lot of big love heart to bring them back in normal … look at them … lovely ? … please STOP ABUSIVE the animals … GOD BLESS to all of you officer … ❤️??

  2. Смотрим на животных… Сплошная боль… Мучители воображают, что они хозяйвах этой жизни!!! Пусть жизнь у них будет такая же, как у животных… Пусть они построят свою жизнь так, что потом завидовали тем собакам и кошкам… Да и другим обиженным… Есть тётка, Проклова Елена она хвалилпсь, что ездит на дальний восток стрелять медведей… Строит из себя красавицу… Медведей жалко и сирот медвежат…

  3. Ich bin so glücklich, dass es die tierrettung gibt. Ihr macht manche Menschen so glücklich mit eure Rettung. Bin so glücklich das es so Menschen gibt, die nicht nur an sich denken. Es gibt Lebewesen die unsere Hilfe brauchen. Warum wird das so missverstanden

  4. Que clase de persona merece vivir, después de robar a una madre sus bebés y tirarlos como si fuesen basura?? No merecemos este planeta… Por eso la tierra nos va a echar de aquí…. Con volcanes, terremotos y subida del nivel del mar

  5. Im planning on one day adopting one of the dogs from your shelter. I have been following you a lot and I realized how many dogs you actually have that have no home. Also the shelter isnt actually that far away from me as I have been there myself on a vacation and I know It is accessable for me. (Im from Czech Republic)

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